Welcome to Lackö Castle in the borough of Lidköping, Sweden. The castle is situated at Kållands island and can be reached with car, boat or bus.

Läckö Slott

Läckö Slott Sverige

Swedish castle

This is Läckö Castle which is a very popular castle for weddings in Sweden in the Summer. It has stunning views from an island out over the lake Vänern. The castle also has wonderful gardens with vine roses which are amazingly beautiful. Many well-known Swedish musical acts perform at Läckö every Summer, and tourists flock here from all over the world.

I grew up close to the castle, was there every Summer as a child, and have many wonderful memories from there.

If you are planning on visiting Sweden in the Summertime…go there! You won’t regret it. Läckö Castle is a place that even I could imagine myself getting married at :)



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