Wallpaper: Theme of the week

We’re continuing with the theme of the week – wallpaper. What do you think of the inspiration images below?

tapetertapeter rosa

tapeter white vit stol plasttapeter soffa rod

tapeter koktapeter gra

tapeter pals stol svarttapeter 8

tapeter flamingotapeter lila

Theme of the week: Wallpaper

When it starts to get lighter outside, the desire to renew and renovate at home is brought to life. Wallpapering tends to be the simplest way of changing a room in a short period of time.

Tip: Use paper in the living room and vinyl in e.g the kitchen, where the walls have to handle fluids, oils, and steam from cooking.

In this post you can see the latest from Sweden’s big selling ECO wallpapers and Boråstapeter. In 2012 ECO is concentrating on clean retro lines with 1980’s vibes and inspiration from timeless design classics. Boråstapeter on the other hand is concentrating on the classical and romantic timelessness. Allow yourself to be inspired and I hope you find a personal wallpaper favourite :)

tapeter marilyn monroe
My favourite bedroom

tapet rosatapet matrum


Are you working on any wall or wallpaper projects right now? Are you using professionals or are you doing the job yourself? What did it turn out like? Did you pick up any interesting tips and ideas?


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