This post is dedicated to love. Actually, it is my wish that every day was Valentine’s Day because the world really needs more love. However, until that day comes, we have to make do with one day each year where love takes centre stage.

alla hjärtans dag love säng

alla hjärtans dag love bebis baby

alla hjärtans dag love häst horse heart

alla hjärtans dag godis candy

life is beautiful

alla hjärtans dag love hjärta heart par

alla hjärtans dag pappa love hurts

alla hjärtans dag love heart cup kopp

whitney houston heart

Inspiration: The day of love

Love doesn’t need to be only directed to a partner, it can be given to animals, a child or a parent. Regardless of whether we live alone or seek happiness within someone else, the greatest and most important love of all is to ourselves. If we don’t have that, it doesn’t matter how much we look for love in someone else or how famous or successful we become. The text book example of this is Whitney Houston, who tragically died just a few days ago – she had everything except love for herself.

I leave you here now with a dedication to love and one of the the biggest stars that has ever lived, whose light was put out far too early. Take care of each other and I wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day.



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