Recently, ethnic patterns and influences have become more and more popular in home decor. These desgins give a feeling of warmth, mystique and far off lands that we cold Swedes dream about at this time of year.

I’ve just found a great company called that specializes in home decor with ethnic patterns and details. is unique in that their products are ONLY available from them and no one else, so you’re guaranteed to get a rug that no one else in the entire world has.

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We see a lot of cowhide this year and the trend is certainly growing. Natural style is most popular and these cowhide rugs from are guaranteed to be unique – no copycats on the floor, in other words :)

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Wonderful ethnic-influenced patchwork kelim rugs and wooly foot stools from… perfect for ethnic, Winter decor :)

Round patchwork rugs work just as well on the walls as on the floor.


These images are taken at the home of a very happy customer :)

foot stools

Classic Moroccan foot stools are ALWAYS right in any room :)

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Ethnic patchwork rugs:

In a mass-produced time, want to do the exact opposite: offer unique and genuine products. Quality and craftsmanship are top on the list of priorities. All of their products are manufactured as naturally and environmentally friendly as possible. call themselves “a small group of multi-cultural enthusiasts that love creativity and craftsmanship” with a motto about their products:

A creative person somewhere in the world has had a productive and sweaty day

I really like companies like that strive for genuine craftsmanship and take us back to our natural roots. Their cowhide patchwork rugs for example give a feeling of grounded power and positive energy wherever you place them in the home. Mass production does have its merits, but if you want something that is guaranteed to be unique, then only hand-made will do :)

I’m personally very interested in buying a patchwork rug in genuine cowhide and I might just pick one up from :)

Have a great weekend!




Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.

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  1. I LOVE ethnic patterns! Looks like it went from the runways straight to the interior, same as cowhide. I would love to have a traditional kilim from Peru or Mexico in my house, I’ve seen so many such wonderful kilims that I have to have one :)

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