Interested in Mexico?

Then here’s a hot travel tip: The stunning Yucatan peninsula. And here are some reasons as to why you should travel there. Enjoy! :)

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1. Connections:
Great roads, good busses that leave on time, and easy purchase of tickets. Also, distances between sights are seldom more than 4-5 hours.



2. The beach life:
Cool, powder soft coral sant and warm turquoise blue water are what’s in store for you along the whole of the Mayan riviera. Many visitors come to experience life under water. The world’s 2nd largest coral reef can be found off the Carribean coast. Other popular activities are deep sea fishing, sailing and windsurfing.


3. Food:
Quacamole, beans, grilled fish and shell fish, decent portions of meat and fresh juices – yum! :) Tequila and been with a slice of lime can be recommended for hot nights out. But the most common food is porbably the round and flat tortilla, which is served with all meals and has been baked and eaten for generations.

NOTE: Do not drink tap water in Mexico, as bacteria and stomach bugs are almost guaranteed. Always drink bottled water. Eat several probiotics each day to keep your health at its best during your visit.


4. Sights:
Climb up the pyramid at Chichén Itzá (don’t forget the inside!), enjoy Tulum by the sea havet, Uxmal, and Cobá – to name just some of the Mayan Indian’s ancient cities. A tip is to do this early in the morning or late in the afternoon, so that you can have the ruins for yourself. Also, don’t miss cities the Spanish built, such as: Valladolid, Campeche, and Mérida.


5. People:
It is easy to feel welcome in Yucatán. The people are friendly, helpful, and patient, despite the many tourists. Mayan Indians make up about 10-15 percent of the population. You can make yourself understood with basic Spanish. Many people at hotels and restaurants can speak a little English.


Facts about Yucatán:

The Mexican peninsual has a coastline that stretches for more than 1600 kms. The Mayans fantastic ruins of Chichén Itzá and Uxmal can also be found here. There are some of the country’s most impressive sights.

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I hope you’ve been inspired to check out Yucatan, Mexico! :)

Have a great day!



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  1. Aah this looks Amazing! Definitely inspired to travel, I’ve wanted to go to South America for a long time.. maybe I could do one giant road trip through Mexico and then up through the States? Hmm… :)
    Lucy xxx
    Food & Life in Italy

  2. Thank you for the invitation, I love your site and all this amazing parts of universe that you present here.

  3. OMG I have to go there! Those pictures are so pretty and your descriptions of possible trips etc sound soooooo good!
    Thanks fpr your very nice comment on my blog ♥
    I totally love your blog!

    xx Lolo

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