Things to do in Summer

Summer is time off, sunshine, vacations and lazy days. However, doing nothing can become boring in the long run, so here are some tips about how you can brighten up lazy summer days in any weather…


1. Fix things at home: Decorate indoors on rainy Summer days (Sweden has many :) Buy new lovely pillows in beautiful floral patterns to make the bed look Summer hot in no time. Do all those small renovation projects you’ve been putting off :)


2. EAT OUTSIDE: My favorite – Summer picnic at the ocean (or in a beautiful garden, forest etc.) It doesn’t really matter, just go out and eat :)


3. Swim: Spend long hot days at the beach taking breaks only for chilled drinks. Swimming a little each day is healthy for both body and soul. We are all made to exercise outside and not in sweaty gyms.


4. Play with pets: Let your animals play outside as much as possible. Let the dog run and play freely in the ocean. Take indoor cats outside. Personally, I go outside with my indoor cats on a leash and they LOVE it. Let animals enjoy the Summer – they need to gather strength in preparation for the Winter just as much as we do.


5. Tea parties: Summer is a time when we often meet old friends we haven’t seen in a while. Invite your friends and family ver for a tea party. Catch up, and proudly present your newly baked strawberry cake :)


6. Just be: Take time to just be with yourself occasionally. Sit under a large tree, enjoy the serenity it provides and the wonderful smells of summer. Go to the woods and do tai chi, qigong and yoga. I practise a variant of Qi Gong and nothing is more delightful than to practice it out in the open :)


7. Spoil yourself in town: Take a whole day of shopping and grab those bargains that you have had your eye on for a long time. Buy that lipstick in the perfect summer shade from Chanel. AND do not forget to walk past the flower shop and give yourself a big bouquet of your favourite flowers… YOU are worth it.

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Just enjoy before Summer comes to an end :)

Have a great Summers day!


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