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Inspiration: Ceiling crush of the week


Feminine 18th Century dating masculine 21st Century – it’s true LOVE.



Green walls give a room a calm appearance.



What do you think? Is this the real closet deal or WHAT!? :)


This week I’m in LOVE for real..with a stunning ceiling with stucco from heaven. This wonderful home is located in Skåne and the owners have a great eye for decor. They have succeeded with the ultimate in interior mix of old & new. An example is the perfect contrast between the romantic old fireplace and the sleek modern furniture.

Another big favorite is the stunning wardrobe which also has a heavenly roof over it. A very different approach is to have the workspace embedded in the closet. A true dream or nightmare for a work/shopaholic :) When you have high ceilings (which I love), it is smart to have clothes rails above each other, as in the picture. This saves space in the home and gives room for more clothes.

The hot home of the week gets ten out of ten from me. And I’m taking the ceiling into my wet decor dreams :)

What do you think about the closet?

Have a great start to a new week, sweethearts!


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