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We Recommend: Hoby Gård Bed and Breakfast

During our holiday in wonderful Österlen, we stayed the night at a B&B called Hobygård. This cosy place is situated in the countryside, near golden yellow fields, with the village Borrby just down the road. Hobygård is run by the friendly couple, Rebecka och Anders.

Hoby Gård Bed & Breakfast

Hoby Gård skylt

Hoby Gård ingång

Hoby Gård huvudbyggnad

Hoby Gård B&B

Hoby Gård bed and breakfast

Borrby blå cafe fasad

Borrby cafe


Fabrikshus nära Hoby Gård

Hoby Gård detalj

Hoby Gård dörr

Hoby Gård framsida huset

Hoby Gård gäststuga

Hoby Gård utsikt från rummet

Hoby Gård utsikt

Hoby Gård och Borrby, Skåne

In 2004, a dream came true for and Hoby Gård was, aftre much work, transformed into a genuine B&B where environmental thinking always comes first. Rebecka is emphatic about not starching or mangling bedclothes. She always washes with ‘green’ detergent and lets the washing airdry in the garden. She says that they always sort and recycle waste when cleaning guest rooms.

Homemade bread

We had a really nice time at Hoby Gård and I was totally SOLD on Rebeckas freshly baked bread, served in the morning. She tells me that it’s important that guests always get newly baked bread.

To do

Hobygård also has bikes and barbeques for rent. The grounds are large enough for the biggest of young families to play in. Close to Hobygår, you can find a long sandy beach, as well as the café Blå Huset in Borrby.

We recommend everyone to visit this cosy, southern Swedish location. Environmentally friendly, and with freshly baked bread, you couldn’t ask for more :)

Have a great day! :)


Hoby Gård banner

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