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Romantic bedrooms: 10 top secret tips for sexy bedrooms

Maria is reading ”50 Shades of Grey” right now, so here is a post that I (Jon) have written to help you get the same romance (action!) in the bedroom that Anastasia and Christian Grey seem to have. Enjoy! :)

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Romantic bedrooms

How would you describe your bedroom at home? Sensuous, romantic and sexy? Or Fifty Shades of NAY? If your bedroom isn’t as romantic as you’d like it to be, then you need to read this post. Or, if you know someone else with a drab and lacklustre bedroom, SHARE this post with them!

10 top secret tips for sexy and romantic bedrooms

This is my top secret list of sexy bedroom tips to help you and your partner go from this…

couple in bed ignoring each other

to this…

sexy couple in bedroom

You will find sexy bedroom decor and beddings HERE

So what are you waiting for? Read the list, get inspired, and create a truly sensual, sexy and romantic bedroom experience for you and your partner.

1. Start with a fresh canvas

No one feels romantic in a dump, and there’s nothing more un-romantic than a bedroom filled with clutter. So before you do anything else, clear some space. If you have any unnecessary junk just gathering dust, get rid of it. Your bedroom is sacred ground, not a dumping ground for laundry, junk mail, tools, or other paraphernalia.

Remove anything that reminds you of appointments, household chores, or other must-do’s.

Everything you see should make you feel relaxed and comfortable… Getting comfortable yet? :)


romance couple in bed

2. Throw away the TV and other electronics

A bedroom is for 2 things only: Sleeping and sex. The TV has no place in a bedroom and is a huge violation of good Feng Shui. Let’s face it, how sexy is it waiting for a commercial break to kiss your partner? If you have a TV in your bedroom, please, do yourself and your partner a favour and get rid of it.

Computers, wires, and other office/work electronic devices also detract from the romantic bedroom experience. Move them into another room – or ask this guy to help you out :)

hot guy in bed

3. Baby pictures and family photos: Just say no!

Possibly the biggest turn-off imaginable is pictures of your partner when they were a baby or a kid adorning the walls of your bedroom. If your partner still thinks they were cute when they were a baby, ok great, but move the baby photos away from the wall, and into an album…under the stairs…far away…

Also, seeing your late Aunt Mabel’s face in a family photo is probably not going to enhance the romance in the bedroom. There’s a time and a place for everything. As mentioned before: Your bedroom is for sleep and romance…not dear old Aunt Mabel. (Note: This is not Aunt Mabel in the picture below…)

romantic bedroom

4. Get a good sexy BIG bed

This one should go without saying. Make sure you have a bed which offers the right sort of support for you and your partner. Remember, you will (probably) want to get some sleep when the evenings romance is over. Waking up fresh can help to carry on the sex and passion into the morning.

romantic bedroom

5. Romantic Bedding

Sheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers should be classy, simple, elegant, and fresh. Satin or silk are of course old favourites. However if you haven’t slept with these fabrivs before, give them a test-run before your romantic evening, as they can be very slippery! It may be better to simply splash out on good quality bedding in cotton or other fabric that you feel most comfortable in.

sexy guy in bed

6. Sexyyy bedroom lighting

Firstly turn off, or even remove your overhead light. No one likes to feel like they are under a microscope. Create shadows, highlights, and filtered light effects by using lamps with low-wattage bulbs. You can even try changing from clear to pastel pink or amber bulbs. These shades make the skin appear warm and smooth.

Candles are fantastic for creating ambience – just be careful to have them in a place where they won’t be knocked over ;)

sexy guy in bed

7. Romantic scents (best starter up:)

Your sense of smell can play a huge part in how romantic you’re feeling. How sexy is it to breathe in the stench of yesterday’s (or last weeks!) socks, or wet dog hair? Wash *everything* and air the room well.

Now you’re ready to use some mild scented candles, incense, perfume, or aroma therpy oils. Emphasis here is on subtlety.

Some recommended scents to try are: jasmine, lavender, or rose. Choose just one – don’t mix.

couple bedroom

8. Romantic music and sounds in the bedroom

Create a playlist of at least a couple of hours of your favourite relaxing/sexy music, or ambient sounds. (Set it to repeat, just in case ;)

Set the mood by pressing play on the stereo well before you press play anywhere else…

couple in bedroom

9. Soft floors för naked feets

Often overlooked and normally well down on the sexy scale, floors can play a big part in romance in the bedroom. Hardwood is great of course, but it can feel ice cold underneath warm feet. Use a sheepskin or deep pile rug to give your feet a little romantic treatment.


sexiga sovrum

10. Sexy curtains

Be honest, do you really find venetian blinds sexy? Change them out for some ceiling to floor drapes in satin. These will create a dramatic, romantic, and elegant look. Velvet curtains are VERY sexy so try give your windows that sexy trendy velvet look.

romantiska sovrum

Bonus tip 1: A *small* mirror

No, this is not the 1970’s, so we don’t need mirrors on ceilings (which are by the way also bad Feng Shui – imagine it falling down!). However, a small, well-placed mirror can give your romantic bedroom some depth, and may also help you catch a sneek peak of the proceedings from a different angle.

sexy bedroom

Bonus tip 2: Artwork

Tasteful, sexy artwork, thoughtfully placed on your bedroom walls can really help to set the tone. Try to find a painting or print that is intriguing, romantic, alluring, sexy – something that appeals to your inner desires. I’ll leave this up to you!

beautiful couple in bed

Now that you’ve read my top secret tips for increasing romance in the bedroom, send this post on to your partner or friends!

What are some of your hot tips for romantic bedrooms?



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