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Custom framing of your own images is hot right now, and as you might recall I even made my own picture wall at home not too long ago. The most important part of this sort of project is of course the frames, that highlight the images. If you use the wrong type of picture frame, what might otherwise be beautiful pictures can drive you up the wall :)

Picture frame ideas

picture frame 2

picture frame

picture wall

The picture frames above are from the series Thor and Classic Cottage. The last one is called “chocolat”… great name :)

picture frames

photo frame

photo frames have a selection of oval frames which are best suited for old photographs. The photo frames at the bottom are called Classic Style – an approprite name :)


This is how great a photo wall can look with the right frames.

[hr] Webshop of the week

This week’s webshop is, helping you get your dream wall at home. They sell all sorts of picture frames in all shapes and sizes, making it super simple for anyone to frame a picture and make it look great. You can even create a custom order for mirrors with unusual measurements, posters, fabrics, or why not your own paintings :) is run by Alldo – a small company that has worked with crafts for generations. When was founded, their business ideas was simple. They wanted to…

reach out to customores with a product range that is different and unique have a large customer base of photographers, artists, and also plenty of individuals. Besides picture frames, they also sell mirrors, and various picture hanging systems. On their website are plenty pf great tips about how to hang pictures.

A great boutique with the right tools at the right price is my summary of this week’s webshop.

Have a great week! :)