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I have to say that Sweden has the most changeable weather in the world (at least it feels like that). It was Summer last week and now it is so cold that it feels as if the warmth has disappeared into an early hibernation and the Autumn is making an early appearance with full storm force. I feel frozen in my mind and there are loud facade renovations going on outside.

My thoughts drift off from clouds and cold to sun drenched lavendar fields in Provence and romantic small French villages. I’ve always been tempted to try the French country life and the desire is so strong today that I’d love to just book a ticket on the next flight and…bonjour France :) What would life be without dreams? … empty, grey and as depressing as the Autumn-like weather outside the window right now.

What do you dream about on grey, rainy days?


Bathroom decor in purple

Exactly how I like it, candles… just sink down and enjoy :) Bathroom decor in purple In the bathroom it is simple to make changes as the walls are often white and therefore it is easy to play with…