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Hemston: Webshop of the week

Autumn is a time when we spend more time indoors and as such, the desire for interior design is awakened. Personally, I always try to renew and replace the old boring details with new ones.

Of course I look for quality furnishing stores that offer the very best products to make for a beautiful Autumn at home. So come and see what I’ve found for you :)






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I’ve found a great store called Hemston which has also been chosen as webshop of the week here at inredningsvis. Hemston offers the classy type of decor that I look for.

Their range consists of timeless classic furniture pieces, combined with modern clean lines. Hemston also work directly with manufacturers as well as which means that the quality is always high, and prices always reasonable. Hemston say:

We will always try to offer the very best in personal service

So, if you want to renew things at home this Autumn, then Hemston is a webshop I can warmly recommend. They also have free shipping on all items so hurry and grab a bargain :) You’ll find all of their class furniture here HERE

Have a great day!


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