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Decor trend – Get seduced by sexy blue velvet decor

Blue Velvet’s one of my favorite movies by David Lynch! Where Isabella Rossellini seductive is singing bluer then velvet were her eyes. Even I who do not usually like blue interior is totally totally hooked on the blue velvet decor trend. The deep blue colored velvet of both fashion and furniture are just so d sexy.

Yes velvet is definitely a decor material to be seduced by, and its hot stuff right now in both interiors and fashion!

Velvet decor


Match the velvet furniture with some hot sexy fur!


Velvet decor + bohemian decor = TRUE


Isnt this velvet sofa to kill for?




Velvet decor

Velvet decor is just timeless and it fits in modern minimalistic decor just as well as in old castles. I hope you got just as seducted by this velvet inspiration as i did :)

Keep it sexy and classy!


Decor trend – the tropical trend is hot this summer

Last week it was almost on the verge of tropical heat on some days! Now we are back to more normal Swedish summer weather. But be sure of that the heat coming back and until then I help you…

Trendy right now – Copper decor is IT 2016

Modern copper decor is hot stuff 2016! But its far from grandmas old copper kettle, no copper material 2016 is hot stuff and there are no limits for what you can do with it. Check out this Swedish bathroom…

Pink decor – fun, happy and forgiving

I am so happy that my ultimate favorite color of all times, PINK is in this year. Although I do not follow design trends like a slave, it’s always fun when something you like in decor hits the roof.…