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Romantic Country Style Decor

The romantic style of rustic decor becomes more popular every season, possibly because it is so classic and timeless. The country style of decor also shows that women know exactly where the cabinet (and everything else) should be placed! :)

There are of course different types of country furnishings, but to get to that sweet feminine style, some special details are needed. I have selected a few favorite items below to help you to get a delightful rustic romantic feeling at home.

country style decor

rustic decor

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romantic decor

How to get the romantic, country style decor

romantic country decor

1. Cushions: Laura Ashley
2. Chandeleir: Belysningsdesign
3. Pink footstool: Åhlens
4. Modern Roccoco chair: Åhlens
5. Clothing Mannikin: Chili


Personally I think this kind of rustic décor with hints of romance is delightful. It is pure good vibes of French rural life meeting Swedish grandmother clock. If I lived in the country, I would certainly have this type of decor.

Do you like romantic rustic decor?

Have a nice day!


Modern country style decor

Mix old & new… the modern farmer’s hallmark. Here you’ll find a modern stove with Husqvarna classic old wood-burning iron stove… mmmm so cozy :) Two-room apartment in a posh neighbourhood? No – it is a stylish decorated living…