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Use a chair as a multitasking bedside table

On many interior pages you will see multitasking furniture for small spaces! A furniture that work to sit on and also as a little table is a chair. If you have a very small bedroom where you want more furniture than it fits. Then a movable chair is a very good multitasking sulotion.

Here I give you some inspirtaion how to use a chair as a cute bedside table!

Bedside table


Why not match the wall color with the chair table color?


sovrum tips

sängbord vita

Let the chair table match the other decor style in the room!

sängbord tips

This kind of antique chairs are not practical as a bedside table at all BUT so beautiful to look at RIGHT :)

sängbord stol

sänbord inspiration

TO cute!


Bedside table

This bedside table chair idea is very hot right now. So if you both want a chair and a table to fit in your tint bedroom this is da decor thing to try.

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