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Cats vs. furniture

Here at Inredningsvis, we LOVE cats and with that in mind, we’ve put together a post with a real Meow factor. For all of you who think that cats only scratch furniture and cover it with fur, you’re wrong, and here’s the photographic evidence.

Nope, the cat is a very clever animal who knows how to turn boring furniture into something completely furrylishious.

Here are some fun tips for turning ugly furniture into hot cat-hacks :)

Cats vs. Furniture

katt möbler

can table

katt vs inredning

Some people talk about walk in closets… I’m talkin’ WALK IN CLOTHES :)

cat bench

cat bookcase


cat curtain

cat head board

”Our person needs some serious Feng Shui in here” – regards, Yin och Yang.

cat pole

cat rug

ikea cat

Difficult to put together. Never right in the end.

Funny Pictures of Cats and Kittens

katt inredning

Whew, what a relief that they left. Now I can chill out by myself on Friday night… prrrrrrr :)

roliga katter

moustache cat


Mjauuuu and prrrrrr, from two true cat people, at inredningsvis :)

Maria & Jon

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