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5 trendy and really UGLY bedrooms

The first time I saw these ugly bedrooms, I did not know if I should laugh or cry! That someone then consider this to be trendy and makes a blog post about this shit is even worse. I other wise love beautiful bedrooms, so this trend makes me really angry. Enough is enough and how much more ugly trends can we suffer through!

My mother always said that honesty lasts the longest! Then I am honest in saying that this is the ugliest most unkempt ugly bedrooms I’ve seen so far in interior design and as a blogger Ive seen much…belive me.

Who comes up with all these terrible trends? and are people blind slaves of trends, in the same way that we all have become enslaved to technology?

Ugly bedrooms


Decor like a trashy drug addict HOT trend 2017!

sovrum trend


Or just dont decorate AT ALL!

sovrum tips

Dark depressing and dull a perfect trend to meat the dark winter with!


Ugly bedrooms

All this with trends makes me immediately think of the fairy tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes. Everyone thought the narcissistic emperor’s clothes were sooo fine, until a little honest child pointed and said … .but he is nakeeeed! Only THEN the crowd reacted, came out mass hypnosis, began to laugh hysterical and the emperor fled in panic ashamed.

The most comical is that in the blog post where the photos above were featured said … In These amazing bedrooms you wanna snooze forever. I rather say never awake again! If Sleeping Beauty had awakened to the sight of these distasteful decorated bedrooms with shabby sheets, she had ignored the prince and gone to sleep for another 100 years.

Or at least until the ugly trash-trend is over!

Of course, even I think that some trends are fine and also like to write about a few, but that one above is definitely not one of them :)

Be unique, be yourself!

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