Swedish holiday houses or summer cottages yes dear these cute residents come with many names. In Sweden we have never bought so many summer houses as right now and brokers say that the most popular summer houses are the ones with a sea view. However one may work hard for the money because it really costs A LOT living by the sea in Sweden.

Wherever your summer house may be it is important to decorate it for the style you desire. Here is there for Inredningsvis décor tips for getting the cute Swedish summer house style, both the owner and the guests will like :)


sommarhus inredning (2)

sommarhus inredning

1. Holiday décor in classic Swedish style:

This is the Swedish summer house of summer houses and everyone has probably sometime in life dreamed of a little red summer cottage some time :)

To decorate a small cabin requires little planning when everything is on a smaller scale. Paint the walls and ceiling white if you want to get it larger. Decorate with small furniture like round tables and tiny wooden chairs. This fits in well with the old-fashioned furniture so only to find bargains at the flea market.

AND no red summer cottage without a pantry and an old iron stove, if there is no one  you actually MUST buy one :)

sommarhus skärgård

sommarhus klassiskt

sommarhus sovrum

sommarhus inspiration

2. Interior ala 19th Century Swedish old styled summer house

Think Swedens icon painter Karl Larsson , think the famouse Swedish poet Evert Taube songs when you decorate an old turn of the century. Bargain antique furniture on the action and rokoko best suited as dining furniture. Decorate alsio with old china, old silver from grandmas golden days and obviously a classic Swedish white linen cloth on the table.

In summer the house’s bedrooms can use romantic Laura Ashley-style on pillows and wallpaper ie floral. Mix with white cotton sheets and old classic bedside table. Preserving house old style and decorate after its character is important.



sommarhus inspiration

3. Holiday in the bohemian crazy decor style:

Here you can go out with their crazy creativity, but tamed borders. Use old worn furniture without repainting them. Match with bold colors and patterns. In the second picture they have chosen an unexpected wallpaper that actually cuts against other furnishings. But it is on is nice with bohemian décor, that will decorate by themselves :)

Remember the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona, a little crazy but quite creatively wonderful.

sommarhus New England


fritidsboende inredning

4. Holiday New England with marine decor:

Here you can hear the ocean sounds throughout the whole interior. If you are not short of money you have the freedom to buy a large summer house in luxurious New England style. Decorate by sea, cliffs and sandy shore shades. It is, in white, blue and beige adding dark floors in natural wood and upholstered white chairs. Here in Sweden New England houses are HOT STUFF right now :)

Rattan is a must in any form, as well as images or objects with boats. Furnish also with the New England lanterns and blue striped cushions.

Think the Hamptons and a luxury marine seaside hotel.

fitidsboende havet


However, sometimes the simplest of life is just good enough :)

Swedish summer houses

I hope you liked my special about the holiday house with interior design tips. Remember that it is your own little summer oasis to escape from the stress and then it must also feel personal and cozy.

My childhood house where I grew up, later became my summer place to escape the city for. It was not luxurious att all but it’s still the place I long for and remember forever now now that it’s gone.

To all of you who can not afford a private summer house, I say, keep the dream alive that’s when it finally becomes a reality :)

Have a great week cuties.



Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. Fördelen med sommarhusdrömmar är att man slipper klippa gräs, rensa ogräs och annat tråk :-)

  2. Ljuvliga hem allihop !
    Jag gillar ALLA stilar så länge som det är ljust och fräscht :)
    Tack snälla för kommentaren om vår utemöbel,
    Jag var väldigt skeptisk till den först då jag egentligen inte alls ville ha konstrotting.
    Men såhär i efterhand är jag super nöjd – den passar perfekt !
    ( vi köpte den på sommarlagret här i Karlstad för någon månad sedan )

    trevlig kväll !

  3. Älskar verkligen sommarhus, önskar mig ett litet centralt sommarhus/stuga i Kivik. Någon gång blir det förhoppningsvis ett köp där nere :)

    Svar: Ja det blir blir lätt nostalgi :) Helgen var riktigt skön, men på något vis var det skönt att äntligen ha måndag igen :) Tack det samma!

  4. Men åh så fint.
    Jag är urkass på inredning. Skulle nog behöva anlita någon.
    Jag gillar så mycket saker och kan inte bestämma mig för vilket jag ska köra på.

  5. Ojoj, så vackra bilder. Så enormt fina inredningar. Vet att jag aldrig kommer att få det så, men drömma kan jag med besked.
    Den söta lilla röda stugan omgiven av grönskande träd, ljuvligt. Eller, ja allt är vackert på sitt sätt.
    Skulle önska att jag hade förmågan att se hur saker och ting passar ihop. Ser efteråt, men kan inte själv sätta ihop något.
    Kram till dig.

  6. Tack! Åhhhh så inspirerande! Jag har ju min lilla stuga på Öland, trots att den är liten så är den som Tomtens julklappssäck, den rymmer hur många som helst.
    Jag ska så fort det blir en regnig dag måla det mörka och murriga furutaket i vitt så att jag får en känsla av lite höjd trots det låga taket.


  7. Så mycket fint! Men jag tror inte sommarhus är något för oss. Inte just nu i alla fall. Vi har hus på hjul, det duger jus nu men önskan om en bekvämare husbil står högt på listan. Man ska ju liksom hinna med allt.

  8. I was just in Sweden and I love that place! I was actually dreaming about staying there for Summer already. Your pictures of these beautiful homes make me want to live there NOW! LOL! I like the 3rd and 4th home. Definitely a home I can picture myself living in =)

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