Swedish Midsummer in Gothenburg: 5 top places to celebrate

Would you like to experience a real Gothenburg midsummer? Great, because Inredningsvis has put together a list of 5 of the best places to celebrate the Swedish midsummer in Gothenburg :)

Swedish Midsummer: 5 top places to celebrate

styrsö midsommar

midsommar 2

1. Styrsö Bratten

The car-free island Styrsö. 15 – 25 minutes from Saltholmen with the ferry.

trädgårdsföreningen midsommar

2. Trädgårdsföreningen in Göteborg

In the very heart of Gothenburg, just a few minutes walk from Central Station.

nääs slott midsommar

3. Nääs Slott

In Floda, 30 minutes by car from the city centre.

gunnebo slott

4. Gunnebo Slott

In Mölndal, south of the city. Easily accessible with tram and bus.

midsommar 3

5. Slottskogen

A large park with lots to offer in Gothenburg city.

midsommar slotskogen

What is the Swedish Midsummer?

Here is a short video guide to midsummer celebrations in Sweden:


We at Inredningsvis wish you all a very HAPPY MIDSUMMER! :)

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