Storage – the decor-wise way

Certain things are made to keep forever, so it’s important to have space for them in the nooks and crannies of your home. There are countless numbers of storage possibilities these days. Here are some simple and useful tips about how to store and save…

1. Keep your work items close

The most important thing when working from home is to have your working materials in their proper place, and close by. A table like this with lots of boxes is both practical and looks good. I could easily work around the clock in a beautiful working environment such as the one in the picture.


3. The right wardrobe storage

Great wardrobe storage is every woman’s dream :) A decent sized shoe shelf in the wardrobe is a MUST and eye-candy for every true shoe addict. If your hallway is tight, a wardrobe with sliding doors is the best solution, and can be made to measure.

The right lighting in a wardrobe is very important, and often overlooked. Get some good spotlights that can be easily adjusted. Aim them at the things you want to find first when you open the wardrobe. You can even get lamps that turn on when you open the wardrobe door – great if you’re forgetful :)


3. Living room in order

Good storage in the living room is important, as TV items tems to lie around willy-nilly. A good TV table for example can function both as an attractive piece of furniture, as well as storage for lots of stuff. Choose a piece with flat doors, as this gives a modern, attractive and calm impression. Tips: IKEA have good-looking and cheap TV tables.


4. Bathroom storage

Shelves of different shapes and sizes are the best solution for small bathrooms. Use a narrow shelf from floor all the way to the ceiling and make the most of the available space. Place perfume bottles and towels for a luxurious touch.


5. Keep the hallway in order

The room you see (and judge) in a home is often the hallway. Therefore, it’s especially important to keep this room clean and tidy. Benches with storage boxes underneath are a real miracle when it comes to stowing family nic-nacs. And of course, it is nice to sit and rest for a bit just before you head out to a stressful job :)



6. Open kitchen

It is very popular in Swedish decor right now with open storage in a kitchen. Having porcelain visible is totally up to you. However one tip is to hide all those ugly kitchen utilities in lower cupboards, and have free upper cupboards to show off that favourite china :)

I hope you’ve picked up some storage tips that can be useful for you in your day-to-day life. As mentioned in earlier articles, I believe in Feng Shui: clearing away all that is unecessary and saving only the most important items, and not having nic-nacs lying around all over the place. In other words: A messy home = a messy mind :)

Have a nice and orderly week, cuties! :)


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