I think I’ve died and gone to bed silk heaven :)


If you get tired of one color you can always just turn everything around :)

sexy legs swedish


I could lie in this white bed silk dream all day looonggggg :)


hand creme


I think I’ve died and gone to bed silk heaven ……. I just LOVE these bed clothes from Danish I have said before that I have a great passion for silk curtains, but my new obsession is to dream sweet dreams with luxurious silk against my naked skin :)

The good thing with is that they sell reversible two-color quilts. If you get tired of black sheets, you can just turn things around and hey-presto, you have luxurious champagne instead :) Or what about tumbling around in luscious cream colored silk sheets ala hollywood glam high class.

Also check out their lovely silk pillowcases in sizes to fit the most demanding Princess and the Pea. What’s great with silk pillowcases is that the material prevents wrinkles while you sleep. Silk is not only wonderful to look at, it’s a true anti-ageing regimen as well :)

Have a great day, sweeties!




Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. Hi Maria! I love silk on bed, I think it gives a very classy and chic touch, and also they say you got less wrinkle while sleeping:P Beautiful images, I’m pinning some! Happy monday dear, big hugs!:***

  2. Heavenly! My mother has always slept with a silk pillowcase. She says it makes her skin and hair more beautiful. And at age 81 she still looks quite youthful. It must work!

  3. HELLO dear, thanks for the comment and sorry for my late answer !! I’m in love with your blog, I like all of this and colours in specially.Sorry for my bad english!
    I’m follow on facebook,bloglovin and instagram.
    Kisses from Sonia

  4. Someone is having a Pamper Me Monday ;)… so much elegance and indulgence.
    Go for it, Maria!

    I knew that silk against wrinkles secret – I’ve tried and it works. You can have a deep sleep night and your face wakes perfect and relaxed… I love that purple/pink combo. Let me check their web.

  5. Ow with that your sure to have sweet dreams ;) I love this post ! The colors are really nice and it looks soft

    Nice blog

    Bisous from FRANCE

  6. Hi! Thanks for your visit and comment:) Your blog is very interesting and the pictures are amazing:) If you want, maybe we can follow each other?:
    Have a nice day, Monic

  7. Another inspiring pictures!

    Thanks for your comment. I don’t have twitter or FB, but I subscribed your RSS. ;-)

  8. En fråga, vet någon om det är en säker hemsida? Jag tycker att deras sängkläder är helt fantastiska men jag vet ej om det är säkert att beställa där ifrån. Det stod på deras hemsida att du hade skrivit om dem här och jag undrar om du har någon erfarenhet av dem eller om du vet om de är bra eller ej eftersom du skrev detta inlägget. Snälla svara jag måste verkligen veta!

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