Scented candles from Baraljus – Webshop of the week

FINALLY, it’s time for the first webshop of the week for 2014. I’ve of course searched far and wide and found a real gem, called Baraljus.se – a wonderful candle shop with a focus on organic scented candles.

This boutique really is every scented candle addict’s wet dream! Come with me into a spellbinding land of scented candles from Baraljus

Scented candles

scented candles

organic scented candles


Busy Bee’s scented candle series is quite wonderful with their colourful packaging. Busy Bee scented candles are hand made and presented in country style glass jars. Mmm, me like!



Fresh Flame Factory scented candles are handmade, with a lovely scent and design.


Baraljus webshop don’t only sell scented candles, they also have other home decor items. Tray table + scented candles = TRUE LOVE.



These hot pastell coloured candlestick holders are available at Baraljus.se :)


Scented candels from Baraljus: Webshop of the week

It’s great being able to recommend Baraljus.se, as ecology and taking care of mother Earth is something I’m truly passionate about.

Baraljus has a wide assortment of organic scented candles like Busy Bee, Nimbus Candle and Fresh Flame Factory.

From Baraljus:

Our ambition is to provide environmentally friendly, high-quality candles at reasonable prices

Baraljus and ljusogram

Baraljus also offer “ljusogram”. With a ljusogram, you can give away candles as gifts. You just order a lovely candle as a present. The shop gift wraps the candle and posts it to the recipient.

If you also want to light a candle for the environment and enjoy a wonderful scent at the same time, check out Baraljus HERE.

Let the scented candles glow! :)


baraljus logga

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