Saffron gives you more sex and more fun

Anyone more than me who is obsessed with Saffron? In recent years, I have started to use saffron in almost everything and have realized that this delightful spice is so much more than just a flavor to Swedish buns.

No Saffron has LOTS of magical powers, and for me that is a real health freak, I have tasted the yellow power many times around:)

lussekatter sex

1. Saffron sex

Saffron contains Viagra-like natural substances that increase blood circulation wich needs for a high healthy sex drive. It provides the visibility improved libido and also improves men’s sperm quality.

If you mix the saffron with chocolate, which also increases the sex drive, I promise that there will be a Christmas night to remember:)


2. Saffron is an antidepressant

This is not just a BS statement no there are real studies that stands behind this rumour. In the health stores there are now some saffron pills for a better mood. I’m no fan of pills though so I recommend you to use saffron spice the natural way instead. Use this lovely spice in fish stews, pies, in the pasta, yes you name it.

Saffron is not toxic then ??? Cmon name something that is not toxic nowadays! Saffron is of course as all the other spices toxic in real high doses. But what is so wonderful is that you only need a liiittleee saffron spice to make all things taste divine.

varm choklad

3. A divine spicy drinking chocolate

MY SPECIAL RECIPE: I invented this sweet Saffron drink that I must share with you: Boil a cup lactose free cream (it is healthier :) together with a spoon Raw Cacao. When it boils sprinkle some saffron in it but not too much of the good stuff. Stur around and pour it into the cup then drizzle a little honey drink it and feel its divine powers:)

hälsotips kramp

4. For menstrual cramps and many illnesses

Yep saffron can also keep you healthy in many ways! This golden-yellow creation is namely strong antispasmodic and an antibacterial. So try a cup of hot milk with saffron and cardamom next time you suffer from menstrual cramps. It has recently also been studies of saffron and Parkinson’s that this spice can prevent the terrible disease. General tonic for the immune system is the spice and I’m never sick so I do something right:)


AND its beautiful to watch in its natural state to:)

There you have it and saffron power to the people!


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