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No events receive more attention in the media than Royal Weddings – I’ve seen two in the past few years and I was disappointed by neither. One of the weddings took place in 2010 with our Crown Princess Victoria, who said ”ja” (I do) to a man of the people, Daniel Westling. The couple had their first child this year and named her Estelle – an event that practically everyone in Sweden knows about :)

The second wedding was just over a year ago between Kate Middleton and Prince William. This was my favourite. I adore Kate’s style – she has a type of class and is beautiful in everything she wears. The fact that her sister Pippa stole the show due to her infamous behind is something I don’t quite understand – Kate’s behind is every bit as bootylishious. But as we say here in Sweden…smaken är som baken (different strokes for different folks :)

We like fantasizing about being Princes and Princesses, just like when we were little. Their lives seem just so perfect and golden with royal balls every day. A wedding give everyone the chance to feel like a princess or prince, even if it’s just for one day :) We shouldn’t forget however that even royalty have to struggle with every day worries and relationship problems just like we mere mortals. I believe that always thinking that someone else’s life is better is just an excuse for not daring to change one’s own. It makes me think about a quote a read recently…

The grass is only greener on the other side if you want it to be. Water your own grass and it will be just as green as your neighbour’s :)


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