My photo wall: Before and after

Many of you probably wonder how it looks at Miss Inredningsvis’ house. In this post, I’ll be showing you a little project I did with a photowall. You’ll have to excuse the quality of the pictures – they were taken with an iPhone. This post belongs in a new category which I’m calling “Before and After pics”. Enjoy! :)


As a BORN STAR, Brorsan the cat always has to be a part of any photoshoot :)


You can see my big and boring wall here. I wanted to fill it with photos, but not the same IKEA photos everyone else has. I’ve got nothing against out Swedish decor mecca, but just wanted to do something a little different – a photo wall with quotes and photos.

You can see here how we made a mock-up in Photoshop. I can strongly recommend doing this, as you will be able to see exactly how your plans will look in reality.


You can see the finished result here, after a little light home styling. I got the picture frames from Jon for my birthday. He also has a good eye for design and helped to align the frames to perfection on the wall. (He also knows his way around an electric drill :) I’ve got a phobia for crooked picture frames and tend to adjust them everywhere I go :)

I came up with this quote myself. You can easily make your own in Photoshop and print them out in large format on a colour printer. Voila! Your own home made poster! Much better than the ‘Keep Calm’ posters everyone else has :)

The same goes for the photos on these posters. Take your own photos, enlarge them, and print them out on glossy paper with a good quality printer. The photos I used are from our successful Nice trip last year.

I must admit that I’m proud of, and very happy with my own photo wall. It’s always so much more fun to do things at home yourself. This project is relatively easy to complete, and you can of course always vary the size and number of images.

If you have your own before and after pictures, send them in to me HERE and get them published at inredningsvis :)

Have a great day!


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