Sometimes when the bank account recovers, and your wallet is thin, it can be nice with a little financial advice. A bedroom that looks luxurious must BE expensive?

Material is one thing, but getting a room look expensive and classy is quite another. I’ve always had a talent to transform a room with little money in the pocket. What you need is a good eye for beauty and good knowledge of all the city’s discount stores.


Bedroom on a budget

Who doesn’t dream about a bedroom as classy as this one? You can get it AND at a bargain price…


Wonderful furs to warm cold morning feet, from Jysk …the bedside table is also a find from the same company.



Sheets from HM Home and beautiful curtains from Ellos…give the right feeling of luxury on a budget :)


Lovely beige cushion from HM Home…mix with grey, linen and cream in bed to give a stressed out mind some peace and quiet.


Great fur cushion from HM Home and a hot and CHEAP lamp from Ikea…I LIKE :)


Pimp your bedroom on a budget

Getting the right luxury feeling in the bedroom requires very little. You must first choose the right colors in the bedroom: cream, gray and white are usually safe bets. Use many pillows and bright linens. Add a pair of cheap bedside lamps with black screens and you immediately have a luxurious bedroom with a lovely hotel sensation on a budget.

Fur is hot right now and it oozes class, so pick up some faux fur. A lovely fur blanket as a cover raises any bedroom to seventh bed-heaven. Shaggy rugs work great in bedrooms and they are really cheap at Ikea for example – great for your feet and wallet.

So go out and grab some bargains…. let your bedroom become a true luxury dream on a budget :)



Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. Vilka fina ideer! Det maste inte vara jattedyrt for att vara snyggt. Det dar toalettbordet fran IKEA ska jag nog spana in!!

  2. Vilka härliga tips! Varför krångla till det?
    Även med en tunnare plånbok kan man uträtta storverk!

  3. Hi Maria! this is for sure very classy and makes me feel in a nice mood!:) Kisses my dear!!:*

  4. Oh I love the bedroom! The lamp is great! I think, I need to visit IKEA his weekend.:) Thanks so much for inspiring me!

  5. Beautiful decor ideas! Thank you for dropping by, I’m definitely following :)


  6. Such wonderful ideas, I love the chic appearance of all white.

  7. Thank tou so much for your lovely comment, and also I like your blog. I love decor inspiration so I follow your blog :)

  8. Vad kul att du tittade in! Tyvärr finns jag bara här på blogspot. Gillade nattyksbordet extra mycket. Borde verkligen skaffa mer enhetliga möbler till sovrummet. Jag tycker att de flesta nattyksbord är rätt dyra, med tanke på hur mycket förvaring man egentligen får.

    Riktigt schysta tips måste jag säga :)