I’m starting a new category this Autumn called “Maria tests”. Just as the name suggests, I’ll be testing out different beauty and alternative treatments so that I can give you tips and reviews. I think massage inspiration is fitting on a cold, grey Sunday such as this.

The first treatment I tested is a unique type of massage called therapeutic massage. I have problems with my back – maybe due to hardcore blogging! :) So, I wanted to try something different. My treatment was carried out at Göteborgs Massage & Rehab in Gothenburg. You can read all about it below. Enjoy!

terapeutisk massage göteborg

göteborg massage

Therapeutic massage in Gothenburg

Stefan Neldren was my masseuse, and he’s also the owner of the business. I have to say that he is the BEST male masseuse I’ve ever had (and I’ve had many!) Stefan explains in detail how massage can affect body and soul on a deep level. He treats each client individually, and understands every client’s unique problems. For example, he said right away that I sit badly at the computer and that this places undue stress on my back and neck. Stefan has several diplomas from Axelssons School, which is obvious as he has a deep knowledge and is great with his hands :)

Stefan: A masseuse who knows how to use his hands :)

Normal conveyor belt massage doesn’t do anything for me, but this massage was something else. All of my out of balance acupressure points are properly worked over by Stefan and sometimes so much so that I scream. After the massage I can barely walk, and the day after I’m COMPLETELY wasted. However soon after the pain is gone and my body feels lighter than usual. Therapeutic massage is highly recommended for those who want to have lasting results and really get well instead of settling for non-effective superficial massage.

To try this unique massage, or to give it away as a present, click here: Göteborgs Massage & Rehab

Have a great Sunday!

LOVE Maria



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  1. It inspires me so much, I definitely needs it too since often my back hurts too!:) Happy Sunday Maria, kisses and hugs! xo

  2. I wish I’m where you are. I’m such a sucker for massages. I can indulge myself in massage almost every weekend.

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