Does anyone out there feel tired, stressed, and drained in the darkness of Winter? If so, check this out. I’ve just tried a wonderfully balansing massage treatment: Lymph massage.

I took a trip out to Mölndal to the alternative health clinic Hälsosjälen, run by Leif Widebert.

Lymph massage was a fascinating experience. I’ve always thought that a masseuse had to really use some elbow grease to have any sort of effect on a stressed soul. I was wrong…

lymph massage

Lymph massage

The lymph system is a drainage system on the front side of the body, and as such, wth lymph massage, you lie on your back for the entire treatment.

The therapist who carried out my massage was called Marie. She moved slowly over the areas where the lymph system is located. Using caressing, sweeping motions I feel something happening after just a few minutes. Stress in my solarplexus releases and an almost coma-like relaxation takes over my body.

During the massage, I get spiritual visions, including one of my father who recently died of cancer. I fall asleep at the end of the massage, which I’ve never done before during previous treatments.
Lymph massage is one of the most soulfully healing, balansing and mystical treatments I’ve had. I recommend you try it for yourselves :)

Facts about the lymph system

The lymph system transports foreign, disscentient and dead cells away from tissue. The lymph system is part of your body’s defence against infection and starts the immunilogical repsonse. This is why lymph massage is used successfully on cancer patients after operations.


Hälsosjälen is located in this beautiful old house, and is highly recommended! :)

Namaste M


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  1. I would need it right now. Sound the most relaxing kind of massage, so nice you got to see your father in vision. Happy Sunday dear Maria, love and hugs! xo

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