Livingroom inspiration: 6 fab Swedish styles

Finally time for some lovely living room inspiration, where my dear hometown Gothenburg today is in focus. There are lots of beautiful furnishings on many levels in Gothenburg and I will give you tips on what and where this spring.

All of these delightful modern living rooms are from Gothenburg, which always shows where furniture should go :)

Join into the living room and copy my 6 Trend secure style tips.

vardagsrum inspiration

Swedish living room inspiration

1. Interior with hot accent colors:

Look closely at this classic living room. What attaches the eye at first? jo on the only interior fittings of the color pink, which is the pillow and flowers. So strong impact accent colors makes in a room.

A tip when it comes to decorate the living room is to make a so-called. moodboard. You download all the images you inspired from the network (preferably from inredningsvis :) and make their own personal collage. Look out which color you like most right now and use it on all of the details in the living room. If you use the proper dose of color, but too much it will only give interior crisis :)

Popular fake fur and throws : blankets and furs, we see everywhere in interior design right now. They are like beautiful clothes for the naked boring furniture. I bought a gray fur plaid Hemtex and I have used it ALL THE TIME when I photographed for Inredningsvis … Recommended :)

Regarding furs I’m addicted and there is not a piece of furniture in my home that does not have fur. Of course not real fur coats, then I have two cats who love their fur and want to have it left on their body :)

3 hot budget throws right now.


2. Paintings in right focus:

The right picture in the right place can do such A DIFFERENCE in a home. Painted faces like in the image above will be used fastidious, cause it easily gives a creepy feeling in the room otherwise. Walk on the action or flea markets and buy cheap lovely old paintings with gold frame. They make themselves great even in the modern environment :)

Allow the board to be like the room’s jewelry, but remember hang it not too high there is nothing uglier. Ask a friend to stand at the blackboard, so you can see when it is localized. Ended the then still not right, you can just blame the friend did not keep still:)

vardagsrum tips

3. Trendy picture wall:

when we’re on the boards, I can not help but tell you about a big beautiful picture wall. I myself had a pretty damn big boring white wall in my living room. I made a custom picture wall and it made all the difference when the wall went from stone dead to the living.

One tip is to first make the picture wall in photoshop to get a vision before it is hammered up the walls. Then hold all the paintings of edges in a straight line, otherwise it is easy to see messy. Please have two tables in exactly the same size, if you want a great picture wall. It gives balance and harmony in the midst of the mess.

Hint: you do not need to hang up all the paintings, but let those in the picture set against a cool piece of furniture.

vardagsrum 2

4. Lovely hotel feeling:

One often talks about in the bedroom but it is equally nicely in the living room. What gives hotels the feeling fastest is putting up roof tracks from iEMS or Hemtex. Then hang long, light curtains all the way down from the ceiling. Having then a BIIGGG lounge like fury rug. Please use low furniture sofa and coffee table, it offers that relaxed luxury hotel-lobby-feeling:)

This style fits best in the living room with normal high to high ceilings :)

vardagsrum vitt

5. Old V.s new:

This interior style is here to stay. Mixing modern designer furniture (or copies :) with old antique furniture. See how beautiful it white-painted antique glass cabinet in the picture, marries designer chair and modern furnishings.

Check with your grandmother, she certainly has lots of golden oldies to the furniture in the attic. Then you can just sand and paint the old furniture, if there is too much The shining-horror film over them in their original color :)

inredning vardagsrum

6. Living room and bedroom in one

More and more people live on a small space and then you have to make the best of the small surface you have. Here we have chosen to combine the living room with bedroom in a relaxed way. The bed’s position and the long curtains behind all that gives the illusion of two rooms in one. Have you alcove can use classy fabrics right up to the roof, in order to drag.

Stay happy to bed and the sofa into bite sizes equal, so none of them look clumsy on the tiny surface.

Fabrics are otherwise my best tips for a small accommodation, one can conjure what seems like forever with textile :)

vardagsrum inspiration 1

There you have some beauty tips to decorate a whole new living room this year. In short, focus on the details, use the color moderately, mix old with new and put the focus on the tablets.

What style of livingroom do you like best ??

Have a lovely day lovelies :)


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