Living rooms: Wild inspiration

Hot or not, sometimes it’s just nice to be inspired by almost crazy interiors, with an overdose of colour and form. Living rooms that are painted by creativity and playfulness completely without inhibitions – taking a big step back from the stereotypical Scandinavian design, with its black and white mantra. Who dares wins, and I say, more colour to the people.

living rooms

living rooms-2

living room lila

living room blå

living room röd vit

living room lampa

living room rosa

Living rooms

Sometimes you just have to go a little crazy with colour, form and decorations. Sitting in a boring, depressing room with only the TV for colour variation is no way to live – especially if you are an artistic type. No, many of us spend a lot of time in the living room and therefore it’s important to let the imagination run wild sometimes, push the boundaries, and design a room that no one else has.

If you’re looking to buy normal decor items, then sure, IKEA is a great store. But if you want to be artistic and creative you’ll probably need to start looking in flea markets and antique dealers.

If you have an interesting room in your house or apartment or, send in some pictures to inredningsvis!

What do you think about these crazy rooms? Inspiring? Hot? Silly? Stylish?

Would you like to live with this much wild colour?


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