Finding right lightling can be a real challenge for anyone. There are thousands of lamp designs and just any many shops that sell them. For the best lighting effects, everything has to be right, from materials, to design, surroundings, and placement in your home.

Lights and lighting

It is important to understand the differences between different types of light when you are illuminating the home. Therefore, with help from ConfidentLivings lamp selection, you can begin to get an idea about what’s what in the world of lighting.

Floor lamps



Golden Sun, Zero Last and Patrol floor lamps.

Ceiling lights



Alexis, Botti, The Queen, and Birdcage ceiling lights.

Wall lamps

Marina, Butterfly, and Swivel wall lamps.

Lights and lighting

The above images are taken from ConfidentLiving’s webshop that sells loads of beautiful lamps. They also offer two absolute musts when buying lamps online: free shipping and returns. ConfidentLiving’s lmap selection is huge and they are guaranteed to have something you like.

Which is your favourite when it comes to hot lamps?

Have a great weekend, cuties! :)


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Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. sv: Ens själ verkligen njuter sådant :D hur kan man inte. Jag trodde det skapade just för detta syfte, bland annat. Min Valborg var bra fast än jag inte firar det. Vädret var sådär, men det var ändå en fantastisk dag. Hur var din Valborg?

    Diggar taklampan med trumpeter!

  2. Wauw. Og så først din kommentar på min blog i dag. (c: Tak. Fine lamper. Jeg må finde plads.

  3. Det finns en del riktigt balla lampor, kan vara en av de enklaste sätten att ändra ett rum på, byt lampa!


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