Kitchen decor: 5 ways to plan your new kitchen

Planning for a new kitchen isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. There are a plethora of kitchen suppliers and they’re all competing for your business.

So, there are a few basic guidelines to follow when you’re just starting out looking for a new kitchen.

Here are my hot tips about making your dream kitchen a reality…

Kitchen decor

1. Plan the style of your new kitchen:
The first thing to think about is what style of kitchen decor you want to have. Choosing an industrial style kitchen in a country style house in the country will clash with the rest of the decor and soul of the house. Try to look at your surroundings, the age of your house or apartment, and then try to match your new kitchen with the surrounding architecture.


2. Choice of material in the kitchen:
This is probably the most difficult part of planning a new kitchen, as there is just so much to choose from. However, try to choose materials that are both hard wearing, look good, and above all easy to clean. A room that is easy to clean always wins in the end. Mix modern white cupboards with darker, rustic wooden kitchen chairs for an alive feeling in the kitchen.

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3. Make a sketch:
This is the best part after you’ve chosen materials and style. Draw up a simple diagram of where you want to position the different parts of your kitchen. Think about how many people might be in the kitchen at once, and how they might move around the space. Try to plan for two large bench tops and pay particular attention to the position of stove, fridge, freezer, dish washer and other kitchen decor details.

Mot kitchen suppliers have trained people that can help you draw up plans for your new dream kitchen.

4. Think about the environment:
When choosing whiteware and stove, it really pays to compare several different suppliers. ALways choose slightly more expensive appliances that use less energy, rather than something cheap that uses more electricity.

5. Compare different kitchen suppliers:
When you’re ready with your plans for your new kitchen, start contacting suppliers for quotes. Be careful, because prices (and quality!) can vary dramatically from one supplier to another.

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Kitchen decor: Dream kitchen

I hope you’ve been inspired to make your ultimate kitchen dreams a reality this year :)


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