Kitchen cupboard doors re-loaded

The latest trend in kitchen cupboard doors is high-gloss white. A good looking, modern and practical solution, as all high gloss paint is dirt resistant. We all know how annoying and frustrating it is to clean up spills from old and tired cupboard doors. However if you don’t do it, the kitchen quickly becomes unsanitary and unhygenic.

If you’re short on cash, you can spray paint your old kitchen cupboards. Just measure all the cupboard doors and ask for a quote from painting firms nearby. When you get the right price, simply hand over the cupboard doors, and wait for the magic to happen. When you have them back, you can then buy some new knobs or handles and enjoy the serious kitchen makeover :)

Kitchen cupboard doors: inspiration

moderna köksluckor

shiny kitchen cupboards

My favourite kitchen right now: They have even combined old antique stools with a modern table and new, glossy kitchen decor… NICE!

new doors

modern kitchens

Lots of drawers are ideal for small kitchens. Nicely done here with marble kitchen bench tops.

renovate kitchen cupboards

kitchen decor

kitchen cupboard doors

Facts: Painting kitchen cupboard doors

Personally, I recommend not to paint kitchen cabinets yourself at home, as paint in any form is very toxic and harmful for both adults, children and animals. Get a professional to paint the doors and you’ll get a much better and more professional result. Here are some common painting methods:

Oven baking:
The most common form of professional painting is oven baking. This implies that the paint is baked dry in an oven. Filling, sanding, and repairs, as well as two top coats are generally done for best results.

Powder coating:
A reasonably environmentally friendly form of painting that gives smooth, durable results. Powder coating is applied by a process in which the powder is made static by using an electric charge. After application of the powder, the surface is hardened by exposing it to high temperatures.

Powder coating is both easy, economical, and gives great results.


Inredningsvis votes of course for powder coating, as we always put environmental friendliness and low prices first :)

I hope this made ​​you want to go away and renew your own kitchen. Renovating doesn’t always need to be expensive, and new kitchen cupboard doors are just one example of big results on a small budget.


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