Interior design trends, 2013


Last year’s lovely pastels are hot this year as well. A new shade is pastel yellow.


Grey is in, both for clothes and furniture. Mix and match with light pastel shades.


And pastel pink is hot together with grey ….my favorite color of all mmmm lovely :)




Industrial inspired lighting is still in this season.


New year is a new time for the new interior trends. At Formex last fall, we got a taste of what was to come. By far the most fashionable colour this year is grae, contrasting colours are pastels in blue, yellow, and pink with gold and copper tones. Personally, I prefer to engage in the luxury gold trend than grey, as it makes me slightly depressed :)

Nature continues to inspire decor, in terms of growth patterns, or a gnarled tree trunk as a drum major or lamp stand. Industrial design in the form of raw concrete, brick and zinc and industrial lamps are continuing in itself, however, more golden tones than previous years.

Finding bargain retro items at the flea market has been hot for a while and continues this year. Floral on white, dirty pastels and mixed tinted white color is in.

Check-list for trendy decor ala 2013:

1. Use gray as a base and add ”dirty” pastels (like pink mmmm)

2. Bring out the old stuff and go to the flea market … old is hot

3. Industrial lighting (yes it continues)

4. Replace your silver and chrome on brass, copper and bronze

5. Dare to either mix the strong patterns or keep quiet home with unpatterned for an elegant look

6. Use very lovely curtains and textiles

What do you think of interior design trends 2013, do you have any favorites???

Have a great first week!


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