A bed worth a modern Marie Antoinette:)
modern Marie Antoinette shoes…LOVE


I’m ending my luxury theme this week with the #1 queen of glamour, 18th Century beauty icon Marie Antoinette (my favourite). Loved, hated, and misunderstood, she was the Marilyn Monroe of her era. A new film about her tragic/comic life was released recently…”Farewell my queen” it’s called and it’s great. I like the version before that with Kirsten Dunst, even though it is modernized. I wonder how Queen Antoinette had lived if she existed in 2012. What does a modern Marie Antoinette look like??

I immediately think of Lady Ga Ga – probably the closest thing to a modern M.A. there is :) But nothing beats the original…the real Queen of fashion and an icon worth remembering. Time machines should exist so that we could try out her extravagant royalty lifestyle for just one day (but just not the day she was beheaded…)

Have a great day!



Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.

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