10 Ikea Malm hacks thats gonna blow you away

Time for some more stylish IKEA hacks! This time it is the Ikea Malm hack that we will focus on. Ikea Malm is a brilliant piece of furniture in many ways and it is a brilliant piece of storage furniture! Ikea Malm is made to be hacked and is suitable for all interior styles such as glam, minimalist, modern, retro, Scandinavian, rustic etc. An Ikea Malm hack fits practically in any room.

Whether as a bedside table for a bedroom, a changing table for a children’s room, a chest of drawers for your wardrobe, or storage for the home office. Repaint Malm, tinker with some patterns, colors and knobs, or just add some texture to the boxes. Ikea Malm is simply like a blank canvas, which is ready to be transformed into anything.

Here you get 10 Ikea Malm hacks that are guaranteed to make you lose both your breath and your jaw.

IKEA Malm hack inspiration

HOW FAB? isn’t this Ikea Malm hack bedside table? They have both repainted Malm and changed the front as well as pimped it out with new stylish handles. NICE!

How can I hack my IKEA Malm drawer?

1 Replace knobs and handles The easiest way is to replace knobs and handles

2. Repaint the entire piece of furniture in a different color or just paint patterns.

3. Glue wallpaper or decorative plastic on chest of drawers or inside the drawers.

Above we see a great Ikea Malm bedroom hack from one of the Instagram homes home2tiny. She has chosen to keep the frame white and then pimped it out with a new stylish worktop and handles in a natural colour. Stylish, stylish and Scandinavian!

Here, they have chosen to give Malm an exclusive look by gluing on structured material. This gives a wooden look that has a trendy appearance.

As you can see, IKEA Malm has a thousand possibilities to become a luxurious piece of furniture. Let creativity flow with your Ikea Malm hack and come up with new ideas. We will have a whole series here on Inredningsvis with lots of nice creative Ikea hacks, so just stay tuned. Soon we will run hacks with Lacquer and Ikea hack for bathrooms, don’t miss it!

Our dear Ingvar Kamprad could never have imagined that his simple furniture would have the success it has. That the whole world would praise, remake and buy Ikea furniture again and again. Ikea has also put Sweden on the map as a country, much more than Abba & Co has. It’s because Ikea works for everyone, regardless of age, race or gender. Ikea’s furniture is timeless and I think we will see Malm and the Billy bookcase until the end of the world.

Ikea forever!

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