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I’m going to round off this budget week with some smoking hot hacks from people that have realised that Ikea is so much more than just… Ikea.


Here is a collection of some of my personal favourite glam-hacks in Ikea furnitre. Yes, Ikea can actually be glamourous with the right makeover. I hope you’ll get inspired by these images and start your own furniture hacks there at home.

IKEA hacks: 10 great tips

IKEA hacks

Hack #1: Lack

The classical Ikea side table has a glamourous and rock-n-roll look with this hack. Use small silver domes and stick them to the edges of the legs. Then, cut a thin mirror to use as the table top. Voila! A table a la Hollywood has been born :)

ikea hack

Hack #2: Expedit

A rather boring, cloned bookcase has been transformed into a hot side table/TV table in no time.

Shopping favoriter


Hack #3: Kolja

A regular flat and round Ikea mirror has been magically transformed into a sun mirror.

Ikea hacks 2

Hack #4: Klubbo

Low lounge tables with new tops made of marble. This is definitely my favourite of allIkea hacks. A very hot table! :)


Hack #5: Vittsjö

A two part table painted in gold.

ikea hack 3

Hack #6: Grundtal

A round mirror has had a hip pattern added with the help of steel rods and silver paint.


Hack #7: Vittsjö

A computer desk has had a total transformation with glas and light shades. Super glam :)


Hack #8: Angenäm

The bowl has been turned into a lampshade – sexy and modern :)


inredning hacks

Hack #9: Malm

Classic side board has been papered with seaweed. Wallpapering furniture is a simple and cheap way to make a quick transformation.

ikea hacka

Hack #10: Vittsjö

Smart shelving with a real dose of hot glamourous gold paint.

What a cool table! Was it expensive?

No, it was IKEA! :)

ikea hack 4

IKEA hacks

Hacking Ikea furniture is hot in the decor world. The term to “hack” here means to re-do (pimp) IKEA furniture. Starting with rather boring avergae furniture, you can easily transform Ikea bargains to luxurious decor pieces in the living room. The best thing about hacking Ikea is that it is easy and cheap to make lots of effective changes.

Renovating furniture is the best budget tip I can give you – it’s also a great way of being creative. Friends and family are guaranteed to be impressed when they ask if that beautiful table was expensive and you answer “No, it was IKEA:)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my budget week! Have you made any bargains recently?

Have a great weekend! :)



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Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. People always look down on Ikea, but I think you can make it work and look fabulous – if you’re smart.:) Which you’ve proven here quite beautifully, all of the pieces look great revamped! All you need is a little bit of imagination. Or if you don’t have it yourself – ideas from imaginative people like yourself.;) I really like that mirror (#6)!!

  2. Great inspiration! I love Ikea in the first place, but I also love the endless possibilities creativity can add to the mix! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Elizabeth Thampi Reply

    how did you get that finish on the expedit.. i so love it

  4. IKEA is my go-to place for home furnishings.

    But I’m very selective. For example, definitely give the LACK series of merchandise a pass, unless you like furniture made from cardboard!

    I usually restrict my purchases to IKEA items made from sturdy metal. I recently remodeled my kitchen using seven stainless steel GRUNDTAL kitchen shelves. Nothing flimsy about them.

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