10 Best IKEA Armchairs ever

Choosing the right furniture for your home can be problematic, especially when you have to consider color, cost, durability, and style. It can even feel like a chore instead of fun. That’s why many people run after IKEA. With their affordable prices and trendy designs, it’s no wonder IKEA has become a household name in home decor. But with numerous options, it
can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Therefore, we’ve here compiled a guide to the 10 best IKEA armchairs. Find the armchair that fits your style, budget, and comfort preferences!

1. POÄNG Rocking Chair

The POÄNG armchair is a timeless piece of furniture that has been popular for several
decades. Its curved lines and bentwood design offer style and support. Plus, the layer-glued
bent oak construction ensures durability and comfort.

One of the standout features of the POÄNG armchair is its high back, which provides
excellent neck support. Additionally, a catalog of cushion designs and colors allows you to
choose the one that suits your room’s decor.

2. STRANDMON Wing Chair

The STRANDMON Wing chair from IKEA is a classic piece that has stood the test of time.
First introduced in the 1950s, it has returned after 60 years with the same high level of
craftsmanship, comfort, and appearance.

This armchair is ideal for curling up with your favorite book or watching your favorite movie.
The high back ensures exceptional support for your neck, allowing you to unwind and relax.
Its durable Skiftebo polyester fabric cover has a lovely luster and two-tone effect, with a firm
yet soft texture.

3. SÖDERHAMN Armchair

SÖDERHAMN armchair is designed to provide deep, low, and soft seating with loose back
cushions for extra support. With a light and airy design, the high legs and slim lines give it a
modern look. In contrast, the elastic weave at the base and high-strength foam in the seat
cushions ensure maximum comfort.

You can use the sofa’s sections freestanding or combined in different ways to fit your
requirements. Or add additional units to make it larger. The Gransel fabric has a natural and
vibrant look with a combination of linen and viscose elements. The cover is easy to remove
and machine wash for easy cleaning.

4. EKOLSUND Recliner

The EKOLSUND recliner has adjustable features and soft, rounded shapes, making it a
comfortable addition to any room. You’ll have three different positions to choose from, so you
can sit upright, lean back, or even nap. The removable cover is easy to clean and fits
perfectly, making the recliner look tidy.

Safety is also a top focus with this IKEA recliner. The footrest folds out of the seat without
leaving any gaps that could cause accidents. You can relax and recline with peace of mind,
knowing you are safe and secure. The back cushion is built to give you the most support.
And the seat cushion is made of polyurethane foam that’s soft and comfortable.

5. OSKARSHAMN Wing Chair

The OSKARSHAMN wing chair is designed to give you a cozy and comfortable place to sit,
relax, and enjoy your ”me-time.” It’s made with supportive springs, soft foam in the seat,
lumbar support, armrests, and an extra-high backrest to ensure maximum comfort.

This armchair chair has a simple yet elegant look with a softly rounded design and wooden
legs. It will fit perfectly into any space in your home. The footstool is a thoughtful addition,
providing a place to rest your feet and storage space under the seat. You can keep your
books or other items close at hand. The footstool has leather handles and wooden legs,
making it easy to move around and use as an extra seat when you have guests at your

6. VISKAFORS 1.5-Seat Armchair

The VISKAFORS armchair has a classic design and inviting shape. Its soft, rounded
features and generously sized armrests make it a statement piece that elevates any decor.
With a pocket spring seat, you’ll feel comfortable and embraced.

Crafted with skill and fitted to perfection, this armchair always looks great. You can choose
from several different covers and legs in two colors. The cotton and polyester fabric cover is
dyed in various tones, creating a stunning effect. Additionally, the durable woven quality of
the fabric provides texture that adds to its appeal.

7. EKERÖ Armchair

EKERÖ armchair will bring a sleek and modern style to your home. This comfortable
armchair features two side pieces that meet at the back, with added lumbar support for extra
comfort. The back cushion is adjustable so that you can customize your sitting experience.

You can choose between stylish dark tones or bright, colorful covers to match your home
decor. The Bomstad body is crafted from a polyester and cotton blend with a protective
polyurethane coating. It is durable, looks and feels like leather, yet is easy to maintain.

8. MORABO Armchair

The MORABO armchair combines warmth, comfort, and style. It balances function and style
perfectly with supportive seat cushions and a soft finish. The tight fit adds to its polished
appearance. In contrast, the GRANN leather cover feels soft and smooth.

The seat cushions are filled with high-resilience foam and polyester fiber wadding, providing
exceptional comfort while sitting. You will sink into this armchair while enjoying its coziness.

9. UPPLAND Armchair

The UPPLAND armchair is perfect for chilling and unwinding after a long day. Its deep,
generous design will make it your new go-to spot for cozy evenings and lazy days. The
armchair’s seat cushion comprises pocket springs, high-resilience foam, and polyester
fibers, providing firm support and soothing softness.

Its reversible back cushions offer soft support for your back, and you can choose between
two sides to wear. The blend of polyester fibers and cut foam ensures pillows retain their
shape and comfort. The cover is also removable and can be machine washed for easy


HOLMSTA is a stunning handwoven IKEA armchair. It is made with a unique combination of
rattan, bamboo, and acacia wood. Its soft shapes and comfortable cushions will embrace
you as you sit down. At the same time, the armrests and backrests offer additional support
for comfortable seating.

It is uniquely crafted with a handmade flexible rattan weave and beautiful details that add to
its decorative charm. As it ages, natural materials will develop their character and add
warmth and nature to your home.

IKEA Armchairs FAQs

1. What is the Most Expensive IKEA Armchair?
The VISKAFORS armchair is the most expensive in the IKEA collection, priced at $849.00.
2. What is the Cheapest IKEA Armchair?
The cheapest IKEA armchair is the NOLMYRA chair, priced at $54.99.
3. What is the Most Comfortable IKEA Armchair?
The most comfortable IKEA armchair is the STRANDMON Wing chair. Not to mention, it is
also among IKEA’s top-selling products.
4. What is the Most Stylish IKEA Armchair?
EKERÖ Armchair has been rated as the most stylish IKEA Armchair. It’s perfect for adding a
contemporary touch to your space.

Conclusion – IKEA armchair

IKEA has a wide range of armchairs that cater to different tastes and budgets. No matter
what design you’re looking for, whether classic or modern, a statement piece, or a versatile
one, IKEA has it all. Our 10 best IKEA armchairs list will help you narrow your choices and
find the appropriate one for your home. The best part is all these armchairs come with a
10-year warranty, so you won’t regret buying one.

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