I continue this week to provide information about hot trends in home decoration 2015 This time I have put together a little guide to what applies and what home furnishings that are Hot stuff this year.

Have you seen trends before …. sorry :) … if not, just coomeee along with me and lets be inspired :)


Modern living: home decor to follow

heminredning lantlig


Pastel home decor:

is as hot this spring as last. It seems that we Swedes have an undying love for sweet pastel candies in spring and summer. I can understand it completely when the pastels always do an equally happy after a loooong dark dreary winter :)

heminredning sovrum

heminredning grafisk

heminredning inspiration

Graphic decor

is so hot right now that it smokes on the angular patterns. The art above graphic watercolors that fits in most modern homes and will appear much 2015


Blue home decor:

and especially dark sea blue comes by swimming into our homes in the summer of 2015 Blue according to Feng Shui is refreshing perhaps because we use blue interior decoration in the summer when it is hot :)

paslakan ellos


heminredning badrum


white marble

TSSSS YES, I say to this trend as I love white marble in home decor, it is one of the most luxurious materials available. How neat it is to decorate the bathroom with delicious white marble on the walls mmmmm :)


Trends 2015

I must admit that I do not follow any trends myself in home decoration. I always think that you should follow the heart, both in fashion and interior design. But I know that there are many trend sensitive souls in cyberspace and since I still runs an interior design blog, I might as well tell you some tips for 2015 :)

The white marble of the wallpaper is extra fun because I love the luxurious feel the material provides. Who says no to a  workbench in finest marble with matte white kitchen cabinets to match. Then pastels is always a big favorite in the springtime and especially those in  pink. But remember, just use home furnishings that speak to your heart and just add some trendy details for a more modern feeling.

Now I want to know what you think about this year’s trends in home decor ?? do you have any favorite interior right now?

Have a nice day hotties :)




Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. Åhhh så fint med pasteller! Älskar dessa färger speciellt nu när man längtar efter våren! Kram Camilla

  2. Hej,

    Har du en sida med dessa och fler stilar? Jag saknar en webbsida som sammanfattar det på ett lättläst sätt.
    Det är ju kul med nya stilar men det är inte alltid det passar en och jag tycker det är roligt med mångfald, är egentligen inte så förtjust i mode eftersom det är så flyktigt. Om man vill byta stil så kanske känner man för något som var modernt förr.
    Fler stilar: shabby chic, eklektisk (som jag aldrig förstått vad det är), New England, Orientalisk-Etnisk, Afrikansk-Etnisk, Kolonial (Afrika/Asien på 20-30-talet), Industri, Vintage.

    Hälsningar Pernilla

    • hej ok om du inte tycker Inredningsvis har tillräckligt med stilar att visa upp så läs en annan sida :) jag har tagit upp alla som går hittils

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