I’d like to start by thanking you all for your wonderful New Year’s greetings. I hope you hade a fantastic New Years! We’re kickstarting 2014 with home decor trends of 2014 from our Swedish decor icon, IKEA!


Isn’t this just wonderful? We’ll see a lot of chicken-yellow home decor details from IKEA this Spring, here in the form of the chairs “Stockholm”, matching perfectly with pale colours and black curtains.

The yellow colour makes me happy and reminds me a little of IKEA’s own logo. I could almost live in this dressing room and meet the Spring in a lovely yellow tone :)


Yellow color is DA thing 2014 ….. here is a yellow table and a stylish chair from the Ikea series Stockholm.

home decor 2014

home decor trends

inredningsdetaljer 3

Natural-coloured decor contrasts well with the other colourful 2014 IKEA decor.

matsalsbord 3

inredningstips 2014

Retro sofa “Karlstad” fits in perfectly in this Bohemian home.


Pastel-coloured decor series “Bråkig” will be released in February, and will be a limited edition, so hurry to grab bargain! :)



The space-saving solution of a bookcase and fabric as a dividing wall in this small apartment is a smart choice, and available at IKEA :)


Home decor trends 2014

This decor season can be described with just one word: CONTRASTS. Ikea offers a colour explosion of greens, bright Easter yellow, cool turquoise and coral shades, contrasted with toned-down, earthy home decor trends.

The up-coming decor series “Bråkig” is a pastel coloured flirt with retro Ikea styles, and comes in pine, plywood and copper. The series is a result of a collaboration with Art Rebels and will only be available as a limited edition. Another new item is the LED box “Synas” which will start selling early in February. 2014 is a year for all tastes at IKEA, and every interior decor dream can be made a reality, at a low cost.

I really love all of the wonderful new Spring decor items of 2014 and of course I’ll be sharing a lot more with you during the course of the season :)

What do you think aobut Ikea’s colourful Spring decor???

Have a great start to the New Year! :)



Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. åh, tack detsamma! :D

    awesome! ska förhoppningsvis snart flytta och då behöver jag inredningstips! ;-)

  2. Ja det var riktigt gott !
    God fortsättning !

    Åh älskar det! Jag skulle vilja köpa en divan soffa! Dom är så snygga!!

  3. hi hi nej du gult är Inte min färg. men de andra sovrummen i natur o det grå vita LOVE IT!! ikea är ju min stora favvor så där e ja väldigt ofta.
    Massa mysiga saker!

    Tack för du kikar in o ja glad fortsättning

  4. Älskar de gula fotöljerna! Kul att få lite färg på rummet nu när det är så mordet att allt ska vara vitt hela tiden. Det uppskattas! :)

  5. Gult är fult och det utan några invändningar. Men det andra är verkligen superfint!! Ska kolla in lite närmre nu när jag själv är i inredningstagen..

    Stor kram

  6. I adore this post….. You were reading my mind when you put those pictures together.
    Lovely yellow touches. have a great day

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