Home decor ideas for hotter walls

Are you keen to make some big changes to your walls this Autumn?? Here are some home decor tips to help you out on the picture frame front…

Home decor ideas for hotter walls


Home decor ideas for hotter walls: Idea #1

This collage was love at first sight for me. Frame your favourite fashion pics, preferably in simple frames as in the picture. Chanel’s luxury logo works just as well on the wall as it does in the bathroom cabinet and is a must for every fashionite :)


Home decor ideas for hotter walls: Idea #2

If you have unused picture frames…why not use them without any content. Mix with some arty pics and you get a hot wall ala Scandinavian style :)


The modern classic EYE-pic and some true EYE candy :)

Home decor ideas for hotter walls: Idea #3

Mix new and old – my tune :) You can use a big picture as a centre piece and several smaller pictures around the outside. All you need to do is get out Grandma’s antique pictures from the attic, dust them off, and mix them with the latest new ones…right and retro.


Home decor ideas for hotter walls: Idea #4

Have a picture frame shelf above the sofa and match your favorite frames with similar decorative cushions. A simple and easy way to avoid drilling into the wall.


Home decor ideas for hotter walls: Idea #5

A wallpaper addict’s wet dream. Just take small offcuts from patterned wallpapers and frame them in luxury frames. Works best on a simple painted wall and preferably several small frames together.


Home decor ideas for hotter walls: Idea #6

Hot right now and my favourite: Quote pictures. Here in hot neon-pink standing nonchalantly on the bedside table. Use an inspirational quote to wake up to each morning. Simple, but a detail that makes all the difference :)


Home decor ideas for hotter walls: Idea #7

Use your favourite photos in a new way. This is a different and very good looking way to frame photos. Use mini photos in over-sized frames. Then hang them in a random way and use different colours on the frames for a personal touch :)


Home decor ideas for hotter walls: Idea #8

Finally….. GO WILD. Use framed pictures and ordinary clippings all over the wall. Go crazy on the wall without inhibition. The end result should look like a big wall moodboard where creativity is born and imagination flows freely :)


These were some tips for more modern and different walls. I hope you go crazy at home and see that pictures are easy to change and move around. If you get tired of one style you can just try another or change depending upon your mood. The small things in life are happiness, and sometimes it’s a little picture on a big wall :)


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