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Guest Post: Sofia – Co-founder of As We Travel – a popular blog for everything related to travel.

as-we-travel-300x213I’ve been traveling the world together with my boyfriend almost constantly for the past 4 years, and from my travels I’ve realized just how much our culture shapes the way we design our homes.

Every country has its own beautiful and unique designs, and as I’m planning to finally settle down and find myself a home, I dream of bringing the many inspirations from countries all over the world into my new home.

There are always a few good things you can take from every culture and every country – here are some of my favorites…

Lanterns From Morocco

Nothing sets the mood and vibe of a room as much as the lighting – lighting is everything for a room, whether it’s an office or a lounge.

For a cozy atmosphere, Moroccan lanterns are your best friend – the patterns on these hand made lanterns create beautiful shadows on the walls, and they have that oriental exotic style making it look just magical.


Silk From Thailand

The beautiful colors and diversity of Thai silk makes it possible to use them for almost anything; duvet covers, pillows, curtains etc …


Tile Murals From Portugal

The houses lining the narrow, steep streets of Lisbon and Porto are covered in beautiful tiles that would be perfect for a kitchen and bathroom.


Artwork From Bali

Bali is an art lovers heaven, with every small village specializing in their own niche, from mosaics and wood carvings, to stone sculpture, mask making and painting.

The art skills are taught from father to son throughout the generations, and the art is unlike anything else – balinese art is beautiful to look at and tell some fascinating stories.


Tea Sets From Turkey

What I loved most about Turkey was the cozy cafes where you sit for hours sipping on a glass of tea surrounded by people smoking water-pipes.

The tea was always served in beautiful tea sets, and I quickly decided that I’d go back there to buy one once I had settled down somewhere.


Flower Decorations From Germany

Walking along the cobbled streets of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany, the beautiful frescoe paintings and the cozy alpine cottages really make you feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale.

However, it’s their love for flowers that got me inspired – every window on every house is adorned with overflowing flower-boxes in red, pink and yellow flowers.


Modern Designs From Finland

I was not at all surprised to find out that Helsinki was named World Design Capital 2012 – it truly is a design city at heart.

Finnish designers are masters at twisting the traditional into something new and fascinating, always with a playful angle.

From the bright, bold and simplistic Marimekko prints and the soft “less is more” glass designs from iittala, to the Rock Church in Helsinki, they know how to make something look amazing and still be very functional.


Which countries inspire you when it comes to designing your perfect home?

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