Gothenburg’s Southern Archipaelago

Since I’m currently at my favo-island Styrsö, it’s high time for me to tell you more about visiting Gothenburg’s wonderful archipaelago.

Gothenburg’s Southern Archipaelago

The archipaelago consists of some of Bohuslän’s most beautiful islands and is far enough away to feel like a mini-vacation. If you are visiting Gothenburg I can heartily recommend a trip out to the sea – you will certainly not regret it :)

Each island has its own unique charm. Here are my absolute favorite Summer gems… enjoy


göteborgs södra skärgård

The first time I arrived at Styrsö it was love at first sight. The environment inspires inner peace and the first thing you see is an adorable old-fashioned garden cafe. Beautiful whitewashed villas from the turn of the 19th – 20th Century are dotted along the pathways.

There are two shops on the island and a lovely swimming beack named Utterviken. An island with a romantic glow and where it feels like time stands still, is a good description of Styrsö.



Asperö is a newly discovered Summer gem for me, and a new favorite among the islands. The closest to the mainland, only nine minutes from Saltholmen. Small quaint Summer cottages share the small area with newly constructed year-round homes. There is an ice-cream stand on the island as well as a shop in the style of an old-fashioned Swedish general store.

If you walk to the island’s only beach you can make a detour to a lookout point. It has a breathtaking view of the entire island and even parts of neighbouring Brännö. Asperö is simply an island perfect for Summer picnics with Swedish sea views.



Brännö is one of the largest of the islands with about 900 permanent residents. The uniqueness of Brännö is that it does not belong to the fishing community as the other islands, but has AGRICULTURE as its primary livelihood. The island has a rich bird life and lovely nature to walk in. It is also a good starting point for sea-kayaking.

There is a classic jetty on the southwest side, specifically Brännö Husvik. Every Summer the classic Swedish Dance at Brännö jetty is held, and is a must for any true archipaelago buff :)



Köpstadsö is like a little sugary sweet in the bag of island goodies. There are no roads and so it is forbidden to have motor vehicles on the island. You can see most of the 100 island residents walk around with wheelbarrows to carry cargo on the narrow, winding pathways. There are many small picturesque houses and gardens to view. The genuine island feel is enhanced as there is not even one shop on Köpstadsö.

One tip is to bring your own picnic and eat on the sun-warmed rocks to the sound of waves lapping and seagull serenade :)


I hope that this inspired you to seek out sun, sand and salty water on one of Gothenburg’s island gems. Jon and I wish you a great Summer!


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