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  1. Dear friend, your photos and inspirations are always so lovely!! Beautiful things, expecially from Turkey, Thailand and Morocco… I hope that you’ll find an house great as you dream it!! Lots of kisses!

  2. I also love to bring a special souvenir from any country we visit. The most special thing was a little Cuban couple in wood that we brought home from our honeymoon in Cuba. I still love it. And flea market finds also give your home a bit of extra character! Love this post Maria! I will check out Sofia’s blog soon!
    Have a great day, Inge x

  3. Hi Maria! What a great post! i love traveling too and this post made me want to it so bad! Beautiful photos!! I check out Sofia’s blog too, thanks for introducing her!!:) Kisses and have a nice day dear!

  4. Amazing! I enjoyed this post. Very well organized and presented with the theme and beautiful photos to accompany it. I love to travel too. Sofia has a very informative travel web site. Thanks Maria for this great post.

  5. Hola!! lindas ideas y siempre se traen ideas e inspiracion de los paises que visitamos.En 20 dias voy a Barcelona y luego a Londres con mi camara de fotos y mi agenda en la mochila con muchos lugares anotados para visitar ,algunos que ya estuve y quiero regresar y otros nuevos con mucha expectativa
    Y para amantes del diseño en Buenos Aires hay mucho,lindo,bueno y barato para ver en diseño ,se los recomiendo Argentina es un pais con mucho talento lastima que estemos tan lejos en el mundo!!

  6. Nice to meet you Sofia, your travel adventures must be so much fun!! Love the modern design from Sweden and the lanterns form Morocco..all the pieces are so inspiring and beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

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