Detta gästinlägg finns endast på engelska, HÄR.


Inom inredning älskar jag blandningen av gammalt och nytt, historia gifter sig med nutid, vulgoromantik möter modern stilrenhet. Utöver detta har jag en stor passion för frasiga sidentyger, mörk choklad och långa bad med en doft av lavendel.


  1. oh I’d like so bad to be there Maria! what an amazing place!!! Kisses and have a nice day dear!

  2. I love this! Summer always has me really lethargic, but lakes and beach houses and things are so refreshing. All those blues and greens. :)

  3. Such a lovely place for the summer vacation! I think most of all I like one-day trips in summertime. Just take a day off, get in the car and drive to a wonderful place, like a lake, a secluded little town, to the seaside or in the mountains and simply change the pace and enjoy the day.

  4. Oh.. I want summer… always, all the year! Sweet photos and lovely light.. Kisses, my friend! Have a great evening!

  5. I wish summer never stopped. :-) I hope everything is ok with you! Enjoy your evening Maria!
    Much love, Inge x

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