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Bonjour mes amis jag ska på drömsemester till Frankrike! Jag är super glad och har därför satt samman en liten French drömsemester inspiration här.

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Vi börjar först i romantikens okrönta huvudstad Paris. På ett berusande upptäckståg bland franska cafeer, lyxiga shoppingstråk, Eiffel tornet och gudomliga macarons med champange QUIIII.




There are no sweets like french sweets mmmmm OH lala :)


Du hyr en het vespa och bara cruisar runt bland gator, människor och ställen inga turistflockar når. Hittar dina egna sommar pärlor ala Paris, där morondagen inte finns för nuet är allt för förtrollande.




Du reser vidare i en öppen bil och styr kosan ut på den franska landsbyggden. Lavendelfält i Provence, vällagrat franskt  lantvin och bedövande havs vyer väntar bakom nästa hörn :)




Till sist… vad är väl en fransk semester utan en romantisk rendevous i berusande miljö :) Är du lyckligt skattat blir det mer än en sommar romans och du tänker…..

Viva la France i takt med din älsklings smekande händer och viskande heta röst i ditt öra… Je t’aime mon amour, je t’aime lamour. Själv säger du Je t’aime livet, skönheten och inte minst en lång  fransk semester:) OUIIII



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Det här inlägget tillägnar jag min pojkvän Jon som oväntat bjudit mig på en resa till Nice på min födelsedag i höst. Jag har länge velat semestra i Frankrike, då ni säkert vet vid det här laget att jag är besatt i all French things. Vad passar då bättre än att just fira sin stora dag ala franska rivieran style :)

Till den vackraste människa som korsat min livsväg och gett mig ljus i mörker!

TACK och L.Y.F

French dream vacation

Bonjour! I’m dreaming of a vacation ala road trip in France :) We begin in the world capital of romance, Paris, on an intoxicating tour of discovery among French cafés, luxury shopping streets, the Eiffel tower and heavenly macaroons with champagne :)

You rent a hot Vespa and just cruise around the streets that no tourists ever reach, finding your own Summer pearls ala Paris where tomorrow doesn’t exist because today is too spellbinding.

You continue your journey in a convertible and make your way out to a French village. Lavendar fields in Provence, French country wine, and stunning sea views wait behind the next corner :)

And finally, what is a French vacation without a romantic rendezvous in intoxicating surroundings :) If you’re lucky it’ll be more than just a Summer fling and you think ”Viva la France” at the same time as your darlings hands caress your body and his hot voice whispers in your ear ”Je t’aime mon amour, je t’aime lamour.” And you say ”je t’aime” to life, beauty, and not least of all a long, French holiday :) OUIII


I dedicate this post to my boyfriend Jon, who just suprised me by offering me a holiday in Nice for my birthday in the Autumn. I’ve been wanting to visit France for such a long time – you probably know by now that I’m obssessed by everything French. So what could be better than celebrating one’s big day ala French Riviera style :)

To the most beautiful person who has crossed my path in life, and given me light in the dark.

Thank you and L.Y.F. :)


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Inom inredning älskar jag blandningen av gammalt och nytt, historia gifter sig med nutid, vulgoromantik möter modern stilrenhet. Utöver detta har jag en stor passion för frasiga sidentyger, mörk choklad och långa bad med en doft av lavendel.


  1. oh this is soo sweet! hope u will have lots of fun then when u travel!!! I love trips in France too!!:) Kisses and happy monday dear!:*

  2. How nice! You’re so sweet! Your blog is beautiful, too. I’ll surely follow you, dear! :) Lots of kisses! :*

  3. Ciao Maria….è con grande piacere che sono venuta a trovarti nel tuo meraviglioso blog….bellissime foto e bellismi colori….blog con tanta dolcezza e ispirazione a quel gusto che piace tanto a me…..piacere di averti conosciuto….

  4. Inspirations… colours… and parfumes… I can feel everything. What a nice blog! Thanks for your comment. Hugs, Liliana e Sonia

  5. Wow, a holiday in Nice!! I have a little home right there! You’ll fall in love with this town :)

  6. Your blog is really fantastic! beautiful photos, descriptions, and I join immediately to your fans ;) kiss:*

  7. Hello dear,
    thank you so much for the sweet comment in my blog.
    I follow you with facebook and google +.
    Your blog is very interesting and beautiful,I love your photo.
    Nice day kiss kiss

  8. everything here is all so beautiful.. ^_^
    I am following you on FB dear!

  9. Whoever hasnt dreamed of visiting paris once in a lifetime has something wrong going on hteir heads! beautiful post.

  10. How lovely that you have that to look forward to! I’d go in a heartbeat. Since that’s not a reality this summer or fall I’m happy that I have you to transport me there :)

    Hope you’re having a lovely start to the week! xoxo

  11. I love love love Paris! We were there in November. Even though it was cold, it was wonderful!

  12. Hi Maria,

    thank you for you visit, if you like Australia I will be posting many more images in the next few days :-) (or if you like Italy or New Zealand, I already have lots of photos!).

    There are so many lovely images here, very pinnacle too :-), I’ll have a good look later.
    Where do you find them?


  13. Gorgeous photos! We just got back from Europe last week. We really enjoyed Paris!


  14. Ciao!Thanks or your your visit and your comment!your blog it’s very nice, lovely photos and beautiful inspirations!!!!Hugs Micol

  15. Now I am dreaming of a French vacation as well. I want to eat and shop my way through while taking beautiful pictures of everything.


    P.S. Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper!

  16. mary timmers Reply

    Maria, I’m with you on wanting to go to Paris. And how great for you to be going to France in the fall! So much fun!

  17. Ah I can just picture it. Would be lovely to cruise around on a Vespa in France! Enjoy your upcoming trip!!

  18. Wow! Lucky you and Jon!
    Thanks a lot for your visit and your kind comment! I’m going to follow you too!
    I love Sweden, I visited it in the far 1992!

  19. Oh, dear Maria, this post is to die for, really! I like all the pictures you so nicely chose for it! And France, well, there is nothing like France! Hope you have some lovely vacation there!

  20. What a wonderful surprise! I love Nice. The marche aux fleurs and the pebbled beaches were my favorite. We’ll be in Paris in September. There’s nothing better than vacationing in France.

  21. Hola María!!
    qué hermoso viaje van a tomar!!
    Yo estuve con mi esposo hace dos semanas atrás y me vine maravillada.
    La semana que viene iré subiendo fotos desde mi blog!
    beso grande

    gracias por pasar a visitarme :)

  22. A beautifully constructed post, I very much enjoyed the French holiday. Lovely images Maria. I eventually got round to signing up for twitter as you asked sometime ago and am now following you, it would be great if you could join us. x

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