Time for Swedish holiday icon No uno our beloved caravan to stand in the spotlight. Glamping is a contemporary-known concept in the USA and means glamorous camping, ie to camp with the class. For me, as always hated caravans when they give me the creeps and large claustrophobia, this is a real camping awakening. Glamping are often linked with luxuriously appointed tents, but the past is that even glampa to caravans.

When I made this post, I was so in love with these glam caravans to empty. I could go away on glamping :)

Here you have it the caravan decor special with the highest glam factor … .just for you!

Glamping inspiration


camping sweden

camping tips

Caravan bedroom glamping tips:

Imagine that you decorate your bedroom glam at home but on a smaller scale. Away with all the shabby flat synthetic quilts. No go for real down comforters, down in the model light when it gets hot in the caravan. Lots of pillows are a must when you go glamping. Happy to add some details with the gold hand, the luxury.

There are very good air mattresses nowadays and if such a need for more, it is also easy to remove in the morning. Embed luxurious with covers and fur throws. Bet on llusa curtains that enlarges and happy blackout. Bedding in the so-called. ressiden is great because it does not attract moisture and gives hand, the luxury bed.

Decorate your home though away from home simply :)

camping inredning

modern husvagn


Decorate a modern caravan with marble slabs and stainless steel in the kitchen. Fabrics such as silk and polyester are good in the caravan, as they are durable and provide a truly luxurious impression. The fabrics also work great as door between the rooms when pulling for them.

husvagn retro

husvagn inspiration

Do you have dull patio furniture so pimp to them with white cloth and delicious luxurious cushions. India has very nice cushions and pillows right now. Often it is easier than you think to glamp it up :)

camping platser i Gööteborg

Like one more bohemian and relaxation is genuine carpet and animal skins, a way to glamp the caravan :)


Smart storage in small caravans are bedside drawers as pictured above. There, for example bedding and air mattress stored.

husvagn inredning

Glamping tip

Sure feels joined the trip in 80-century egg caravan looong gone when you seen this glamorous carriages. It is such a nice idea, I think to mix luxury with mud and switch up the paths Swedish to lyxcamping. It does not have to be expensive to glampimpa caravan, no, just check out my awesome glamping details above.

Do not know about you but I have really converted to real campers if it is in the form of glamping.

Remember you can always get a luxury home at a budget price :)

Stop camping go glamping.



Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. Det här är verkligen häftigt. Vi har en husvagn, en vanlig tråkig traditionell husvagn, Hobby liksom. Så boring så det är inte klokt. Varför måste alla husvagnar vara så tråkigt standard jämt!? Det här är ju toppen, hade jag ork och pengar skulle jag gärna pimpa husvagnen. På med vitfärg, kuddar, glaskronor och annat fiffigt med smarta lösningar etc.
    This is the shit! :) haha

    Psst,…gillar du Aloe vera så har jag finfina grejer. Kramen!

    • Håller med jag har haft husvagnsfobi hela livet fram till moderna glampingtider så TACK USA haha :) Nu har du ju fått lite budget inspiration här från mig också att rivstarta pimpandet med :) som sagt det behöver inte alltid vara dyrt för att ge lyxkänslan.

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