The bohemian interior style never goes out of fashion and can adopt a thousand different guises. That’s what I love about this beautiful style, that you can use what you never thought possible in traditional decor.

Right now, my eye is caught on the floral bohemian style. This decor gives a feeling of Summer, with fluttering butterfly wings on a wildly blooming meadow :)

Bohemian decor with flowers


Bohemian decor tips 1: Mixa hejvilt

When it comes to the bohemian style, there are absolutely no limits. Use whatever you like and mix strong happy colors with antique furniture and floral patterns. No inhibitions. How beautiful is that? :)

Minimalist is so passé. Now, decorate how YOU want to, and don’t follow the trends :)


Bohemian decor tips 2: Flea markets

Within the Bohemian style, old worn antiques are great, and perfect in a world where hysterical shopping mania and mass consumption reigns.

Find great comfortable furniture at auctioneers and flea markets near where you live. Take it home and repaint in a colourful shade that puts you in good mood :)


Bohemian decor tips 3: Flowers are best

…at least during the Summer time, if you ask me. The floral bohemian style includes flowers in all imaginable shapes and colors. Use plenty on the sofa with floral throws and decorative pillows.

Outdoors, the garden can be overgrown and unruly – just like a true creative bohemian :)

Floral bohemian decor: Get the style on a budget


1. White table from IKEA
2. Cushion from HM Home
3. Chandeleir from Belysningsdesign
4. Pink bohemian cushion from HM Home
5. White throw from Sovtex
6. Lantern from Indiska
7. Summer floral cushion from Åhléns

Bohemian style is perfect for me and I always try to have some nice things at home that reflects it. I’m like a wild horse that does not like strict rules, either in life or decor. Moving freely in thought and style is my melody.

And to all you other free-thinking wild horses out there, I hope you now have some floral Summer inspiration for the home.

Peace out :)



Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.

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