Buying a house can be a difficult decision as there are so many different types of house. Recently, I’ve desired a house more and more, and have become tired of the city for each year that goes by. My ultimate dream is to be an architect and design a house exactly as I would want it. We can play with the idea of building a house to meet our exact needs and wants. What would your dream house look like?

Here is a short guide to some of Sweden’s most popular house designs:

Classic Swedish House




Details are important in classical houses. Antiques are best shown on the ground floor. And the most important thing is an open fireplace, preferably in every room :)

inredningstips 1


My ultimate bathroom dream :)

Modern houses


basta inredningsblogg



When it comes to the modern styles, clean and simple lines are a must. Keep your decor to a minimalistic style.

Dream house by the ocean




dream house

Living by the sea is surely something most people dream about. Marine colours and materials are important here for your decor, preferably with a clean white background. However the best background is of course the ocean itself. Just think of opening a door and walking a few metres down to the beach :)


My ultimate dream house is a combination of the classic and beach house AND of course, with tower. I’ve been obsessed with Victorian villas with towers ever since I set foot on Styrsö island :)

What is your ultimate dream house?

Have a great day and never stop dreaming! :)




Within interior design, I love the combination of old and new, a marriage of history and modernism, romanticism meeting minimalism. In addition, I have a burning passion for crispy silks, dark chocolate and long baths with a fragrance of lavender.


  1. I like all the three styles, but I think my fave is the one by the ocean…sigh….I feel relaxed just looking at the pics:)

  2. I love all styles, but maybe a combination of Modern House and Classic Swedish House will be perfect for me :-)

  3. Hi Maria! You made me dream indeed!:) I’ve found that I liek Swedish decor so something as the first one could be perfect, but I also adore modern not say how much love being by the sea!:P Kisses and hugs dear! xo

  4. Hallo Maria!!!Wow!!!Your blog is so intresting!!!II like those Swedish houses,
    but most i love the Dream house by the ocean!!!!I wish a had one!!!My daughter was in Sweden for her work!!!She was thrilled !!!!I’m following you with bloglovin and Facebook!I hope you follow me back!!!I would be happy if you visit me again!!!

  5. All 3 vway os house are nice….can just dream about it…may be “Classic swedish house” i like a little more

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