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A dream bedroom for a sleeping beauty :)

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Fabric vs. wallpaper

The most beautiful thing I know is a tastefully decorated hotel room. You can have this style at home with the right eye for style. :) The key to this luxurious feeling is FABRIC and preferably a lot of different types of material. Allow your wallpapers to feel the competition of cotton and silk, which is easier to change then re-wallpapering.

A curtain rail in the ceiling is always a must, and always have curtains run all the way from floor to ceiling – anything else is a big NO NO! :) The good thing with rails is that you can have them anywhere. Use fabric instead of a wardrobe door, or have fabric act as a bedroom wall if you live in a small apartment.

The room that is the easiest to decorate ala hotel room deluxe is the bedroom. Here are some tips for designing a room fit for a queen :)


For the right hotel look, invest in a plush head board. Otherwise, dark wood or black is fine. Just no screaming colours or boring woods.


Use a LOT of fabric and high-quality covers. The bed is the most important, so don’t scrimp here. Give it lots of decorative cushions, luxurious sheets, and mix different fabrics like cotton, silk and satin etc.


Always have curtains running from floor to ceiling and have them go all the way out to the wall from the window. A personal favourite is silk but satin and high-quality cotton are also fine. Blackout curtains are always good for a bedroom – either that, or a sleeping mask :)


The ultimate is of course a stylish chandelier in the ceiling, but the right ceiling height is required so that the room won’t look too cluttered. Let the bed head always have two matching lamps on either side, preferably with a luxurious foot and simple lamp shade. A black shade gives a dramatic look. Spot lights illuminate details, bring fabrics to life, and give your favourite pictures suitable attention.


Wooden floors are great, but hotel floors need high quality carpet, preferably in a light colour. It’s also much nicer to put cold morning feet upon :)

When you have decorated a room worthy of the princess you are, make sure that your prince greets you in the morning with a luxurious breakfast in bed and flowers (with scent of Chanel :) If he refuses he’s no prince, and sorry to say it, belongs in the swamp with the rest of the frogs :)


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